10 DIY Yarn Crafts For Kid’s – Summer Bright Craft Ideas

It’s about time we celebrate and cherish the childhood of our children and make some really bright and cool crafts for them and that too out of yarn.

Here is 10 DIY Yarn Crafts For Kid’s – Summer Bright Craft Ideas with yarn for your kids and their enjoyment. The first project that we have here are cute little adorable birds made with yarn and see how amazing they came out to be. For this project all you have to don is to make pom pom with yellow colored yarn, stick eyes over them, and also do their legs with the yarn of different color to differentiate from the rest of the body. Next we have a yarn garland which is colorful and trendy and you can decorate it in your kid’s room. Also we have a slightly common idea of making Christmas ornaments with yarn as you can see here in this project. We also have something for Easter and they are yarn wrapped Easter eggs.

Have a look at these woven wall hangings here that can make any of your plain wall happy and cheerful like never before. The next project that you see here is a bit unique and matchless and they are hand cuffs or Bracelets made with toilet roll wrapped with yarn and they will serve as a superb addition to your jeweler collection. Besides this there are a million ideas that you can use and make incredible and attractive art pieces for your children. For all these projects you need to grab yarn of our favorite colors and a few basic supplies and crafts.

Share these amazing and successful yarn craft ideas with others too so that they can also make their children happy this summer vacation. All the projects have tutorials with them in the links given below so that you will not have to miss on the minor details of then project.

Birds Made With Wool Pom Poms – Pom-Pom Easter Chicks

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Tutorial: consumercrafts

Yarn Circle Garland:

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Tutorial: handsonaswegrow

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornaments:

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Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs:

Wool Easter Egg Decorations:
Tutorial: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot

Mini Woven Wall Hangings:

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Tutorial: artbarblog

Toilet Roll Bracelets:

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Tutorial: mollymoocrafts

Easter Crafts For Kid’s:

Easter Crafts for Kids, Easter Bunny Craft Ideas
Tutorial: naturalbeachliving

Wool & Paper-Clip Bookmarks:

Wool And Paper-Clip Bookmarks,
Tutorial: cutoutandkeep.net

Baubles Made With Wool Pom-Poms:

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Tutorial: redtedart

Amazing Yarn Balls:

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Tutorial: pgeveryday


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