13 DIY Faux Flowers Ideas – Faux Flower Projects

Faux flowers have proven to be something really useful and helpful in commercial and residential decoration.

These flowers are mostly the imitations of the real flowers. Artificial flowers last longer, easy to take care, inexpensive and better in many ways than the real ones. Here you will find 13 DIY Faux Flowers Ideas – Faux Flower Projects ideas where the faux flowers have been used to make unique and interesting masterpieces that you are surely going to love in the end. All the efforts that you are going to make for these projects are definitely worth it because you will end up creating some great DIY Faux Flower Projects. The first one that you see here is a hanging heart made of faux flowers of gorgeous pink color and definitely looks stunning as the end product.

Next thing that you see here is a mother’s day photo vase decorated perfectly with the artificial flowers. You can use the flowers of your favorite color and use them in the projects. Have a look at these amazing floral napkin rings that are so incredible that you really want to make them anytime soon. These floral napkin ring will make your dining table more attractive than ever. Also, you can use the artificial flowers for making clothing items more attractive and impressive such as this artificial flower coat that you can see here in the project. Also, try to make these hanging flower balls that are so helpful in decorating any place inside your house. Have you ever wondered of decorating a gift with the artificial flowers? If not then you must try this soon and amaze yourself and the person that you are giving the gift to.

All the above-discussed ideas are worth sharing and trying to try some if not all of the projects. Click on the link below the project to watch the tutorials for all the projects.

DIY Hanging Heart:

DIY Hanging Heart
Tutorial: abeautifulmess

Motherday Photo Vase:

Tutorial: burlapandblue

 Floral Napkin Rings:

DIY Floral Napkin Rings
Tutorial: birdsparty

Faux Flower Coat:

DIY Ideas With Faux Flowers - DIY Faux Flower Coat - Paper, Fabric, Silk
Tutorial: studiodiy

DIY Floating Teacup:

DIY Ideas With Faux Flowers - DIY Floating Teacup - Paper, Fabric, Silk and Plastic Flower Crafts - Easy Arrangements, Wedding Decorations, Wall, ...
Tutorial: grillo-designs

Apartment Decor DIY – Flower Wall Chains

Apartment Decor DIY: Flower Wall Chains
Tutorial: youtube

Hanging Flower Balls:

DIY Ideas With Faux Flowers - Hanging Flower Balls - Paper, Fabric, Silk and
Tutorial: ehow

Hanging Flower Chandelier:

DIY Ideas With Faux Flowers - Hanging Flower Chandelier - Paper, Fabric, Silk and
Tutorial: weebirdy

Gift Wrap with Silk Flowers from Afloral:

DIY: Gift Wrap with Silk Flowers from Afloral
Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

Faux Flower Gift Topper Stickers:

DIY Faux Flower Gift Topper Stickers
Tutorial: giftsdetective

 Silk Flower Wreath:

AFloral DIY, DIY Silk Flower Wreath
Tutorial: greenweddingshoes

Faux Flower Wall for Your Wedding:

DIY Faux Flower Wall for Your Wedding
Tutorial: marthastewartweddings

Faux Flower Wreath:

DIY Ideas With Faux Flowers - Faux Flower Wreath - Paper, Fabric, Silk and
Tutorial: followtheruels


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