14 DIY Fashion Tutorials That Will Make Your Life Better

Being fashionable is the mantra of everyone these days but it’s an expensive job to stay stylish which is why we have brought to you these 14 DIY Fashion Tutorials that will make your life better and that too at the cheapest cost. These tutorials show you some cool and pretty ways to funk up your regular accessories and look extraordinary flaunting them around. Using these fashion tutorials you can look better and when you look better you feel better so do visit the tutorials to learn them in detail.

Everything from your wardrobe can be made to look fuller of custom style and personalized fashion when you have some grip on the skills of cutting and sewing and you also can do some fun embroidery Like a simple hat of yours would look so catchy when you write up some fun words in embroidery right at the front of it. Especially the kids would love these word embroidered hats to wear with their pretty and colorful summer clothes. Using the same embroidery quote technique you can style up any of your boring plain shirt and jazz up its fashion.

Being the major part of your daily and occasional fashion we have included some fun makeover of favorite jeans too. You can add a colorful fabric stripe to the sides of your old jeans and make it look new or you can chop it off to the size of shorts with added stones. Apart from clothing, there are ideas making you learn some pretty jewelry pieces and that too with feasible supplies like a feather, gems, chains and felt. Those funky fabric flip slop sandals would rock your summer look with a pair of denim shorts and a cute shirt or top. Apart from these mentioned Fashion Hacks, there is more to explore so do check out these fashion tutorials given below.

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Embroidered Baseball Cap:

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Cotton Canvas Heart Sun-glass Case:

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DIY Side-Stripe Pants:

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Embroidered Quote T-shirt:

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Embellished Jean Shorts:

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Fabric Wrapped Bracelet:

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Linen Tulip Wrap Skirt – Teen Fashion For Spring

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Lace Top Downton Abbey:

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Customized Denim Jackets:

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DIY Feather Necklace – Duct Tape Necklaces

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No-Sew DIY Slip Dress:

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DIY Jeweled Necklace:

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Fashion Collar Necklace:

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Fashion Upcycle Sandals Tutorial – Gladiator Wrap Sandals

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