15 DIY Crafts to Sell – Easy Crafts to Make & Sell

In today’s world it has become really important to make money by sophisticated means and make living with every possible way because all we see around us is unaffordability so we really have to work hard with every passing day.

Here we have 15 DIY Crafts to Sell – Easy Crafts to Make & Sell ideas that you can use and make money by selling them. It depends upon you whether you want to sell those online or through any other means but what is must is publicity and advertising of your product and for that you can choose whatever means you can. Social media is really helpful these days for selling your products through online shopping pages. So grab some crafts and supplies for making these extra ordinary creative masterpieces. The first project that you see here is a key chain idea that you can make with pom pom and looks super cool and funky. For key-chains all you have to do is to use some craft hooks, small sized chains and the main craft for the theme.

Next we have magnet idea that can be made easily through some simple and easy steps. Not only pom pom but you can also make key-chains with the help of leather as you can see here. Besides this we have make up bag ideas also for you through which you can attract and target your lady customers as they will find it really useful and helpful in keeping their makeup safe and manageable. Use your creativity and innovative ideas for making these DIY products and home and once you are done with doing a good amount of projects, you can start your selling procedure.

Also you can try some decorative items like these gold dipped magnets that really look super attractive to eyes and are really easy to make. Many people these days look forward to buying candles and Decorating there houses with them so you can make some very beautiful crayon candles too. For this project you really need to watch the tutorial for crayon candle making, the Supplies you will need for this project are crayons of your desired colors, glycerin, pots for mixing the ingredients, candle molds and some other few basic materials. As we know that dog owners are never ever completely satisfied with their dog’s accessories and tend to always look forward to buying new stuff for them so here is an idea to make dog collars and that too with fabric.

All these amazing and exciting ideas will surely help you make money and be proud of your creativity. So enjoy this creative ride ahead.

Pom Pom Key Chain:

diy pompom, keychains, crafts that make money, how to ideas, crafts ideasTutorial: madeinaday

Fruit Perler Bead Magnets:

fruit perler, bead magnets, how to make, crafts money, how to crafts, Tutorial: frugalmomeh

Bow Leather Key Chains:

faux leather, bow keycheins, crafts to make money, crafts to sell,Tutorial: happygirlycrafty

Colorful Makeup Bags:

creative crafts, how to crafts, diy ideas, diy projects, how to craftsTutorial: diyprojects

Gold Dipped Magnets:

crafts money, diy, ideas, diy crafts and projects, creative ideasTutorial: gina-michele

DIY Crayon Candles:

color block, crayon candles, crafts to make, and sell, how to crafts, christmas craftsTutorial: diyprojects

Fabric Dog Collar:

fabric dog collar, crafts to make, make and sell, how to ideasTutorial: diyprojects

DIY Mirror Decor with Egg Cartons:

diy crafts to sell, crafts to make and sell, how to crafts,Tutorial: lifestyle

Adorable DIY Flower Pens:

diy flower pens, crafts to make, make and sell, how to crafts, christmas crafts to sell, hot crafts to sell,Tutorial: livingwellmom

Enamel Pin Banner:

christmas crafts to sell, how to make, diy ideas, do it yourself, how to crafts, make and sell,Tutorial: felicette

Glittered Tumblers DIY:

glittered tumbler, diy creative crafts, creative ideas, christmas creative crafts,Tutorial: theswelldesigner

 Strawberry Lip Balm:

homemade strawberry, lip balm, crafts to make and sell, crafts that make money, how to craftsTutorial: soapdelinews

DIY Knot Pillows:

knot pillows, diy ideas, crafts to sell, crafts to make money, Tutorial: littleinspiration

No-Sew DIY  Sleeping Masks:

no sew, diy unicorn, sleeping masks, eyerester, crafts to make and sell, how to crafts, christmas crafts, crafts that make moneyTutorial: birdsparty

Washer Necklace DIY:

christmas ideas, christmas crafts, necklace washer, diy ideas, diy crafts,Tutorial: things-to-make-and-do.co


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