15+ DIY Modern Living Room Decor Ideas on a Budget

Living room is one place in our house that is where the family spend most of their time and feel happy with each other after the whole day. So this place has to be decorated in a special way than any other place in the house.

Here we have 15+ DIY Living Room Decor Ideas on a Budget that you can easily try and that too budget friendly so you don’t find it a burden to decorate your living space. The first idea is all about keeping flowers in this area and that too in a very cheap Rustic Wood vase so that it not only looks great but also you know from inside the heart that not much of your budget has been spent on it and this gives a more proud and satisfactory feeling always. Next we have a DIY rope basket idea that is also very easy yet elegant and looks absolutely stunning and is useful for storage as well for example when you keep it in your living room you can keep anything that you want in the basket such as sofa throws and other stuff inside it in order to make the area clean and with no mess.

Next we have something that the plant lovers will really find attractive and these are floating planters that can be displayed on any wall in your living area and see how beautiful they look and they will turn the whole atmosphere nature friendly and fresh. Similarly we have some other Wall Art decor ideas too for your living area such as this geometric wall art that you can see here in one of these projects that will not only make your wall colorful but will also add color to the entire room.

All the above discussed ideas are budget friendly and less time consuming. So next time when you find the need to decorate your living area do not buy those expensive art pieces or planters available in the stores instead try doing these DIY projects and save your money and time.

Rustic Wood Shim Vase:

rustic wood, shim vase ideas, living room ideas, for room decorTutorial: lovegrowswild

Ombre Effect Rope Blanket Basket:

living room, ombre effect rope,blanket basket, diy ideasTutorial: lydioutloud

Floating Planters:

floating planters, living room projectsTutorial: amazon

Geometric Wall Art:

diy home decor, diy living room decor, cute living roomTutorial: curbly

Wooden Coffee Table:

crate coffe table, for living room, diy ideas, on a budgetTutorial: myanythingandeverything

DIY Honeycomb Shelves:

diy honeycomb, shelve, creative ideas, crafts for home, home decorTutorial: abeautifulmess

Umbrella Wreath Living Room:

umbrella wreath, umbrella decor ideas, room decor, home decor ideasTutorial: thisgrandmaisfun

Storage Sofa:

storage sofa, living room, creativediys.comTutorial: ana-white

DIY Metallic Pendant Sconce:

diy metallic pendant, sconce pendant ideas, crafts for roomTutorial: sugarandcloth

Arm Sofa Coffee:

diy living room. sofa coffee, ideas, on a budget ideasTutorial: sinnenrausch

DIY Letters On Wall:

diy letters, wall decor, room wall decor, crafts for roomTutorial: goinghometoroost

DIY Crate Coffee Table:

living room decoration, coffee table for room, crafts, quick ideasTutorial: homevolution

Pom Pom Array:

pom pom array, diy crafts, diy ideas, how to Tutorial: designsponge

Rock On Pebbled Vanity Accessories:

diy rocks idea, pebbled vanity accessories, living roomTutorial: morenascorner

DIY Wood Stars:

wood star diy, diy ideas, diy crafts and projects, creativediysTutorial: thatsmyletter

DIY Birch Wood Candle Holders:

diy birch wood, candle holders, diy ideas, Tutorial: oleanderandpalm


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