16 DIY Unique & Handmade Bookmarks Ideas With Tutorials

The books are a big treasure of knowledge and information and something they also entertain you like a cinema by telling you interesting stories! However, we should deal the books with care especially when we have borrowed them from a friend or neighbor and we should always discourage ruining of book pages due to folding the page corner and it is all due to the lack of bookmarks! Use the bookmarks and add a full stop to wear and tear of book pages by making some lovely marks at home and you can also gift them to your friends and family members who are a big fan of reading books! So, want to make some quick and lovely bookmarks at home? Then browse this collection of 16 DIY Unique & Handmade Bookmark Ideas that will work up all super quickly and will satisfy different tastes with their amazing and fetching designs! Here you will learn all the hacks to make the bookmarks with simple paper or cardboard and also with the different materials that you can find from home or from the neighborhood!

Make the washi tape corner page bookmarks that will be super quick to make and will bring interesting visual details to book pages! Make the book reading a bit more interesting by making the cool linen bookmarks at home that you can quickly make with linen scraps! Use also the elastic to make lovely bookmarks that will keep the pages in place tightly with creases and also make lovely cut out bookmarks that will be a center of attention and also make the super cook pom-pom bookmarks that will be loved dearly by all the book lovers!

Double p the cuteness of your books by making hug a dog bookmark and also add up the paper clips with the button tops and make miniature buttoned bookmarks, would be a big center of attention for sure! See the entire list to check out some more amazing and interesting bookmarks and also click on the attached links to grab the full free tutorials!

DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks:

How To Make DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks

Tutorial: zakkalife

DIY Linen Bookmarks:

How To Make DIY Linen Bookmarks

Tutorial: minkikim

Make A Dress Shaped Bookmark With Elastic:

How To Make Dress shaped bookmark with elastic

Tutorial: dailycraftinspiration

Woven Cut Out Bookmarks:

How To make Woven cut out bookmarks

Tutorial: archive.jsonline

How To Make Pom Pom Bookmark:

How To Make Pom Pom Bookmark

Tutorial: easyartandcraftideas

DIY How To Make Yarn Pom Pom Bookmark:

DIY How To Make Yarn Pom Pom Bookmark

Tutorial: designmom

Dog DIYs Cute Bookmarks:

How To Make Dog DIYs Cute Bookmarks DIY

Tutorial: redtedart

Simple And Cute Button Bookmark:

How To Make Simple and Cute Button Bookmark

Tutorial: iheartnaptime

Minions Bookmarks:

How to make Minions Bookmarks

Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

Animal Bookmark:

How To Make Animal Bookmark

Tutorial: raisingworldchildren

Fabric Heart Bookmark:

How To Make Fabric Heart Bookmark

Tutorial: theseamanmom

Hug A Book Pug Bookmark DIY:

How To Make Hug a Book Pug Bookmark DIY

Tutorial: redtedart

DIY Make Your Own Tassel Bookmark:

DIY Make Your Own Tassel Bookmark

Tutorial: thinkmakeshareblog

Hogwarts House Scarf Bookmark:

Free crochet pattern for Hogwarts House Scarf Bookmark

Tutorial: 5littlemonsters

DIY Panda Bookmark Corner:

How To Make DIY Panda Bookmark Corner
Tutorial: redtedart

Printable Fox DIY Bookmarks:

How To Make Printable Fox DIY Bookmarks

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun


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