17 DIY Candy Recipes – Easy Recipe Ideas

Our kids usually make us buy expensive candies every other day so here we have 17 DIY Candy Recipes – Easy Recipe Ideas for making DIY candies at home.

These recipes will save you a lot of bucks and will also save your time that you spend in buying the candles from stores. While you make the candies you can also engage the kids in this activity so that they can also learn to be creating innovative and more attentive than ever before. Follow these recipes along with the detailed descriptions and tutorials so that you can make a perfect recipe for your kids to enjoy.

The first recipe that we have here are Oreo truffles with a touch of peppermint in them and the kids will surely love these to bits. You can make some very good looking and tempting candies that are not only good in taste but also perfect in their appearance. Have a look at this rocking candy over here and note down recipe carefully so that you can make the kids happy and content.

There are many other Candy Crafts as well that you can try and enjoy along with your kids. The tutorials that are provided with the projects over here will help you a lot in following the recipes more accurately. You can also use some other ingredients of your own choice along with the ones that are being told here. you must have tried making gumdrops before but here you have very unique pomegranate gumdrops that the kids will surely enjoy and have fun easting them as they have a very nice sweet and sour taste.

Besides this, you will also find some nice looking heart-shaped candies as well that will make you fall in love with the appearance. We all love to have kit Kat since forever but here you have the recipe to make the homemade kit Kat so that you don’t have to spend money on buying the ever delicious kit Kat from stores.

Share the recipes with others so that they can also make their kids happy with the amazing candy recipes.

Peppermint Oreo Truffles:

Classic Candy Recipes to DIY this Christmas
Tutorial: handletheheat

Frozen Candy Corn Bones Homemade Dog Treat Recipe:

DIY Frozen Candy Corn Bones Homemade Dog Treat Recipe
Tutorial: petcentral

DIY Candy Crafts – Rock Candy

DIY Candy Crafts
Tutorial: thespruceeats

Pomegranate Gumpdrops:

Pomegranate Gumpdrops
Tutorial: theviewfromgreatisland

Whiskey Sriracha Heart Candy:

Homemade Candy Recipes
Tutorial: brit.co

Peppermint Bark – Candy Cane Recipes

Creative Candy Cane Recipes and DIYs
Tutorial: thespruceeats

Homemade Kit Kat:

Easy DIY Candy Recipes. From KitKats to Marshmallows, easy candy recipes you can make at home.
Tutorial: joyofkosher

Bake Hard Candy Shot Glasses:

Bake Hard Candy Shot Glasses
Tutorial: sprinklebakes

Grand Marnier Truffles:

Grand Marnier Truffles - an easy DIY candy making recipe! Everyone loves these!
Tutorial: bakerbynature

Honey Hard Candy:

Honey Hard Candy
Tutorial: manusmenu

Easter Oreo Bark Recipe:

easter oreo bark recipe
Tutorial: lilluna

Easy DIY Halloween Candy:

Easy DIY Halloween Candy
Tutorial: jolynneshane

Sweet Halloween Candy Bark:

Wonderful DIY Sweet Halloween Candy Bark
Tutorial: justataste

Sweet & Scary DIY Halloween Candy Recipes – Cauldron Cake Pops:

Sweet and Scary DIY Halloween Candy Recipes
Tutorial: pintsizedbaker

Gummy Candy Recipe:

gummy candy recipe
Tutorial: ricenflour

Crock Pot Chocolate Almond Candy:

Classic Candy Recipes to DIY this Christmas- For a sweet treat this Christmas,
Tutorial: delightfulemade

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups:

vegan reese's cups, pumpkin peanut butter cups, DIY Candy Recipes, homemade candy recipes
Tutorial: youtube

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