17 DIY Washi Tape Ideas | Most Popular Ideas Using Washi Tape

Have you ever thought of making extraordinary amazing and creative items with Washi Tapes? If not then you must give this a try at least once in your life.

Here we have 17 DIY Washi Tape Ideas | Most Popular Ideas Using Washi Tape that will amaze you with your own efforts. Have a look at this first project where Washi Tapes have been used for wall decor and look absolutely unbelievable. Often we get confused when it comes to using our keys for the respective locks so here you have an idea to cover them up with Washi Tapes so that they have a clear distinction. Also, you can just use Washi Tapes for decorating your keys only. This mirror frame decor with Washi Tape is definitely matchless and unique and you can easily decorate your mirrors in this way and that too in a very small budget and less time. All you need for these projects is only Washi Tapes of your own choice according to your desire and choice of colors.

Next, we have some vases also decorated with Washi Tapes and you can keep them anywhere to bring a change to that corner. We all have some empty glass bottles at home and they actually deserve to be decorated well and used such as on side tables, center table etc. also you can decorate some pencil holders and other desk organizers for your writing table with Washi Tapes and this way your work space at your home will look great and attractive. Candle decoration with Washi Tapes is definitely one of my favorite projects of all these and the most popular as well.

Share these ideas with others also so that they can also make use of their creativity and efforts and make their home look a lot better than before with some easy and quick Washi Tape hacks.

Wall Decor with Washi Tape:

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Dress Up Your Keys:

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Mirror Frame:

mirror frame, washi tape, diy washi tape using, what is washi tapeTutorial: abeautifulmess

Washi Tape Vases:

washi tape vases, how to use, washi tape, 2019Tutorial: howaboutorange

Price Tags:

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Pencil Cup Holder:

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DIY Washi Tape Heart Art:

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Paperclip Flags Washi Tape:

paperclip flags, washi tape ideas, notebook washi tape, Washi tape crafts, Tutorial: paperandpin

Washi Birthday Candles DIY:

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Gift Tags & Heart Tags:

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Washi Phone Cover:

herringbone cellphone cover, washi tape, mobile phone, back decor with, washi tape, Tutorial: chroniclebooks

Painted Bangle Bracelets:

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Butterfly Crafts:

washi tape butterfly, washi tape crafts, creative washi tape ideas, how to use, Tutorial: artsymomma

Charger Hack & Decor:

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Entry Way Decor with Washi Tape:

entry way, decor washi, washi tape projects, washi tape decorationTutorial: abeautifulmess

Washi Tape Sign & Letters:

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Washi Tape Wall Frame:

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