20 DIY Craft For Girl’s – Cutest Crafts For Girls To Make

If you are surrounded with loads of leftover materials and recyclable items then you only need a creative brain to create treasure worthy things and stuff with those scrap materials! If you are a teen girl having a great crafting obsession then you can try your hands on these 20 DIY Girl Crafts that all great and comes with a dominant girlish appeal and hence would be loved dearly by all the kids having DIY crafts and projects always on their brain! The teen girls can satisfy their lust for crafting by making cool jewelry items at home, the sweetest ever love gifts the magnetizing girlish accessories and also the various outstanding girl gifts and toys which have all been showcased in this collection! So, browse this list of amazing crafts that are cutest to make and they will also teach you some great hacks that will definitely add extra wings to girlish creativity!

Recycle the Dixie cups and make the lovely windmills out of them by adding the felt fans and also by painting them like a tower house! Next, put together the colored plastic spoons to make instant beautiful tulips that can be put in the jars to make cool faux home décor vases! Stop ruining the book pages and corners by making lovely bookmarks with tassel tails and also make the paper ice cream cones with pom-pom tops which you can string up to make colorful and enchanting garlands! Use your art of crocheting to crochet hot red heart-shaped baskets will rock for storing craft room supplies and they will also make beautiful desktop organizers! Decorate the recycled shoes boxes and add dividers in them to make beautiful no-cost charging stations and jewel the popsicle sticks with beads and googly eyes and add ribbon wings to make cute dragonfly decors or toys!

Spend your free time with fun by making cool paper spinners and do boost the decors of any outdoor or indoor space by making pipe cleaner flower pots and also add colors to any space by making paper straw tulip flowers! Make duct tape flowers and decorate shoes slippers or shoes with them and also put the rainbow-colored craft sticks vertically around your pots to make rainbow vases! See more amazing girl crafts in the give below list and click once on the attached links to grab full free tutorials!

DIY Dixie Cup Windmills:

Tutorial: thepinterestedparent

Plastic Spoon Spring Flower Craft:

Tutorial: kidfriendlythingstodo

DIY Handmade Bookmarks:

Tutorial: tatertotsandjello

 Ice Cream Cone Garland:

Tutorial: growingupgabel

Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets:

Tutorial: mypoppet

 Decorative Box Charging Station:

Tutorial: centsationalstyle

Easy DIY Insect Craft:

Tutorial: jugglingactmama

Paper Spinner For Girls Tutorial:

Tutorial: makeandtakes

Pipe Cleaner Flower:

Tutorial: theresourcefulmama

Easy DIY Pretty Paper Straw Tulip:

Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

Duct Tape Flowers:

Tutorial: skiptomylou

 Craft Stick Flower Pots:

Tutorial: typicallysimple

No-Sew Burlap Owl:

Tutorial: kidscraftroom

Fruit Fans Tutorial:

Tutorial: theidearoom

 BFG Paper Plate Dream Catchers:

Tutorial: thesuburbanmom

 Paper Plate Mouse:

Tutorial: housingaforest

 Toilet Paper Roll Flowers:

Tutorial: thebestideasforkids

Simple DIY Hot Cocoa Craft For Girls:

Tutorial: 123homeschool4me

No Sew Duck Tape Zipper Pouch:

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Fun Craft Stick Love Bugs:

Tutorial: sunshinewhispers


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