20 DIY Craft Summer Activity Ideas For Your Kids

Summer vacation is almost here and so we must find some interesting ways to engage your kids so that they can enjoy their vacations to the most this time.

Here we have 20 DIY Craft Summer Activity Ideas For Your Kids with their tutorials and all are about craft activities for summers. Involve your kids in these amazing and attractive activities and that too within your budget. The first project that we have here is a polka dot slime which is definitely different than a regular slime. For this project you just have to follow the simple recipe to make this slime and let your kids enjoy playing with it. Also involve the kids while making it so that they may also learn how to make it.

The next project that you see here is a sprinkler for your garden which is built very easily with just a few supplies. Often the kids play with the paints that are harmful to them but here you can learn to make paints for your kids which is made with edible ingredients so that they are not at all harmful to the little kids so that they can happily enjoy their painting activity this summer. Also we have many other play dough recipes for your little kids as we know that the kids loves to play with the soft play dough, clay, kinetic sand and much more. Have you ever tried making party poppers yourself?  Watch the tutorial for this project carefully and make party poppers for the upcoming summer parties of your kids and let them have fun in the most incredible ways possible so that you will also be happy while watching them happy.

Share these amazing ideas with others too so that they can also make their kids happy with these amazing crafts and activities.

Polka Dot Slime:

diy polka dot, slime for kids, activities, diy ideasTutorial: funathomewithkids

Build Your Own Sprinkler:

homemade, sprinkler summer, activities, how toTutorial: housingaforest

Homemade Edible Finger Paint:

fingerprints, homemade edible, finger paints for kids, how to decorTutorial: momtastic

Summery Lemon Play Dough:

summer lemon playdough, creative ideas, creativediysTutorial: pagingfunmums

Build a Covered Sandbox:

diy ideas, diy summer ideas, diy crafts for kids, how to crafts, Tutorial: diynetwork

Ice Cream Play Dough:

ice cream, playdough cones, for kids crafts, how to crafts,Tutorial: pagingfunmums

Party Poppers:

diy crafts, diy ideas, diy crafts and projects, how to decorTutorial: littlebirdiesecrets

Pool Noodle Backyard Games:

pool noodle, obstacle, course ideas, pool noodle obstacle, ideas for kids, Tutorial: parents

Kiddie Car Wash:

kiddie car wash, sprinkle summer activities, Tutorial: momendeavors

DIY Foam Paint:

diy foam paint, crafts for kids, how to ideas, summer activities, kids summer enjoyTutorial: dabblesandbabbles

DIY Splat Balls:

diy crafts, diy ideas, do it yourself, how to makeTutorial: pagingfunmums

DIY Water Shooter:

water shooter, creative ideas, water shooter ideas, for kidsTutorial: frugalfun4boys

DIY Fire Fighter Costume:

diy firefighter costume, ideas, Tutorial: skimresources

DIY Rainbow Bubble Snakes:

diy bubble snakes, summer activities, how to crafts, ideas, for your kids, how to ideasTutorial: housingaforest

DIY Magic Wands:

diy tensile bubbles, creative ideas, creativediys, make ideasTutorial: babbledabbledo

DIY Tie-Dye Spin Art:

fun with kids, diy fun ideas, kids ideas, kids, diy crafts for kidsTutorial: goodhousekeeping

Frozen Popsicle Chalk:

popsicle, chalk, for kids, how to entertain kids, crafts ideas, do it yourself kids,Tutorial: readingconfetti

Cotton Ball Rainbow:

cotton ball, for kids activities, how to decor, crafts for kidsTutorial: raisingmytwogirls

DIY Fireworks in Glass:

diy firework ideas, firework in glass, how to crafts, creatvediysTutorial: skimresources

Embellished Sunglasses DIY:

sunglasses for kids, activities, how to decor, ideas, for childTutorial: rufflesandstuff


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