20 DIY Crafts For Kids Easy Fun Activities

In today’s world of technology and gadgets it is very difficult to engage the kids in fun and craft activities and divert them from their mobile phone, iPad and laptops as we know that the excessive use of these gadgets can be so harmful for their brain health.

Here you will find 20 DIY Crafts For Kids Easy Fun Activities and creative art work activities that can engage your kids along with their friends so that they would like to spend most of their holidays in these Activities. The first project that you see here is a bow and arrow made with PVC.Pipes. Your kids are really going to enjoy this more than anything else not only this but they would also learn how to make an aim for something. Such outdoor activities are so needed in these times where children have only restricted them into indoor fun and screen times. Next we have another such idea that will let the kids want to spend most of the time in the garden as these are bubble wands that kids of all ages love to play with. You can make these wands at home adding beads and colorful materials to them in order to make them more attractive towards them due to vibrant colors used here.

Watch the tutorials and see how you can make these DIY Kids Activities possible for the kids. Have you remembered us and our parents making a walky talky kind of toy for us and we used to enjoy this a lot as kids as we used to get the chance to talk to each other at quite a distance. Let’s go back to those beautiful days and make similar things for our kids too so that they will also have fun in these non-technological and engaging activities. Have a look at this next project here for your kids that is definitely going to fascinate them as it is a quite big thing that they can even enjoy sitting in. this is a cardboard craft which is made easily with cardboard and some basic supplies and crafts to make the kids happy about it.

The upcoming holidays are surely going to be a lot of fun as we now have a lot of good ideas to engage our kids into and they will no longer get stick to their phone screen or gaming inside the house.

DIY PVC Bow And Arrow:

diy pvc bow, diy pvc arrow for kids, how toTutorial: upliftingmayhem

Bubble Wands:

diy crafts, diy ideas, diy projects, diy crafts for kidsTutorial: we-made-that

Ocean in a Bottle Crafts for Kids:

how to, diy crafts, diy projects, diy crafts and projects, how to, crafts for kidsTutorial: happyhooligans

Walkie Talkie Cans:

diy crafts for kids, how to, kids diy ideas, walkie talkie can, diy projectsTutorial: sciencing

Cardboard Box Car for Kids:

kids cars, kids crafts, kids activities, how to, creativediys.comTutorial: littleredwindow

DIY Princess Wand:

diy kids crafts, simple crafts, balloon crafts, diy projects, diy ideasTutorial: inspirationmadesimple

DIY Finger Puppets:

art for kids, art ideas, diy finger paper, crafts, ideas, projectsTutorial: vickybarone

DIY Balloon Rocket:

diy kids, balloon ideas, how to, crafts for kids, unique ideas, Tutorial: discoverexplorelearn

Bread And Peanut Butter Bird Feeder:

bread and peanut, butter bird, feeder, diy crafts and projects, how to, diyTutorial: simpleasthatblog

Recycled Roll Rockets:

recycled ideas, creative ideas, crafts with handmadeTutorial: happinessishomemade

Rice Krispies Treat Lamb Pops:

rice krispies treat, diy ideas, creative ideas, creative crafts, diy projectsTutorial: hungryhappenings

DIY Pinwheel Necklace Kids Crafts:

pinwheel ideas, how to, kids necklace ideas, crafts for kids, ideas for kids,Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

DIY Paper Clips To Mini Hangers:

crafts with paper, clips to mini, diy ideas, diy projects, how to crafts, diy ideas, diy projectsTutorial: agusyornet

DIY Watering Can:

do it yourself, how to, crafts, diy ideas, crafts for kids, kids fun time, kids watering can, Tutorial: onecreativemommy

Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe:

unicorn poop, slime recipe, diy ideas, diy crafts, diy ideas, do it yourselfTutorial: momdot

Laundry Basket Skee Ball:

laundry basket, basket ideas, how to crafts, diy ideas, creative ideas, fun for kidsTutorial: frugalfun4boys

Ladybug Painted Rocks:

ladybug painted, rocks, ideas, diy ideas, diy crafts, diy crafts and projects, how to, crafts with handmade,Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

Fire Breathing Dragon:

unique ideas, crafts for kids, how to crafts, Tutorial: onelittleproject

DIY Wooden Robot:

diy wooden ideas, robot ideas, how to make, crafts with ideas, unique idea, diy wooden ideas, wooden for kidsTutorial: adventure

DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls:

do it yourself, ideas, for kids, how to, diy crafts and projects, how to crafts, Tutorial: powerfulmothering

Craft Stick Crocodile Craft:

crafts for kids, kids diy, do it yourself, how to, diy projects,Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Squirt Gun Painting:

squirt gun ideas, painting ideas, crafts for kids, how to, creativediys.com fun craftsTutorial: firefliesandmudpies


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