20 DIY Garden Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Our gardens are a place where we actually feel fresh and amazing. We must constantly try to make our gardens look beautiful through simple decorating tips.

Here we have 20 DIY Garden Decoration Ideas On A Budget that you can use to make your gardens look impressive and attractive. All the ideas are budget friendly and will create a huge difference in your garden area. The first idea that we have here not only looks attractive but is also very useful for the birds as they will have food for them in your garden and will fee from there. Have a look at these Mason jar lanterns that can also be a perfect addition to your garden. Not only the bird feeders but also you can create some bird bathing items in your garden to let the birds take bath in your garden and feel happy. Have you ever wondered how simple stones can make a huge difference for your garden and help you make a spiral garden our of these stones in a very small space?

All the ideas are so special that you will actually want to try these soon. Besides this river rocks are also very helpful in making your gardens look colorful and quite fancy. You just have to grab some of the river rocks, some paints, paint brushes and you are all set for this simple yet interesting project. You can also use spoons from your kitchen to mark the plants in your gardens and this is definitely an intelligent idea for making a garden look well decorated as well as organized. Next, you can see here some mushrooms decorated in the garden which are also changing the look of the entire garden with just a few simple steps. Using tires for planters is also a popular idea these days. Grab an old tire, some paints and your favorite plants to make this project possible.

All the above-discussed ideas are worth sharing and trying to give these all a chance.

Homemade Flower Pot Bird Feeder:

Tutorial: thegardenroofcoop

Mason Jar Lantern:

Tutorial: chezbeeperbebe

Garden Planter & Birds Bath:

Tutorial: homestoriesatoz

Cute DIY Stone Spiral Garden For Small Spaces:

Tutorial: ohmy

River Rock Garden Markers:

Tutorial: westvalley

Simple DIY Chandelier Hanging Flower Planter:

Tutorial: diyshowoff

 Garden Markers Spoons:

Tutorial: turningclockback

Easy DIY Garden Art Mushrooms:

Tutorial: bobbiesgirl

DIY Tire Flower Planter Tutorial:

Tutorial: diyshowoff

Beautiful DIY Flower Pot Fairy Garden Tutorial:

Tutorial: restorationredoux

Cute DIY Garden Stepping Stones:

Tutorial: intimateweddings

Cactus Rocks Make Perfect DIY Garden Decor:

Tutorial: mnn

Ladybug Painted Rocks:

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

DIY Stenciled Concrete Block Planters:

Tutorial: decoart

DIY Shell Planter:

Tutorial: sandandsisal

Cute DIY Decorative Garden Art Ball Tutorial:

Tutorial: empressofdirt

DIY Trash To Treasure Garden Planters:

Tutorial: markmontano

Beaded Decorative Garden Stakes:

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

Easy DIY Succulent Garden Cactus Decorated Sugar Cookies:

Tutorial: tikkido

Alice In Wonderland Garden Plates:

Tutorial: markmontano


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