25 Creative & Easy Mason Jars Ideas Make an Hour

Mason jars are really something that are always helpful in creating new and exciting masterpieces.

Here 25 Creative & Easy Mason Jars Ideas Make an Hour you can try doing something creative and innovative activity with them and eventually you will end up creating something worth your time and a try. The first project that we have here is a bird friendly jar where a mason jar is filled up with bird feed and can be displayed in a Garden or anywhere in your backyard. Next we have something for the candle lovers and these are mason jars covered with lace and looks absolutely stunning and exciting. Also you can turn these jars into air fresheners all you have to do is to fill them up with some great fragrances and use them as something to freshen up the air around you. Besides this there can be many other purposes for using mason jars intelligently such as this bathroom organizer which is definitely a requirement in a bathroom.

Have a look at this desk organizer which is insanely beautiful and can be easily kept on your writing desk for keeping small stationary stuff that you want to keep handy. Not only for keeping your stationary on your desk you can also keep this jar and on your desk and put beautiful flowers inside it to make the area look fresh and full of life. As we know that we all need some extra ordinary creative items on Christmas for making the festival more interesting and enjoyable so here you can learn how to turn a simple mason jar into a Christmas gift mason jar that looks nothing but perfect.

All these ideas are not only interesting but also budget friendly and less time consuming.

Bird Lover’s Gift in a Jar:

easy mason jars, diy ideas, diy projects, diy crafts and projects,Tutorial: thegraphicsfairy

Lace-Covered Candle Holders:

lace mason jars, covered mason jars, candle mason jarsTutorial: brit

Glowing Firefly Jar:

glowing mason jars, glowing ideas, crafts with mason jarsTutorial: frompankawithlove

Gel Air Freshener in a Jar:

air freshener mason jar, diy jars, freshener mason jar, how to craftsTutorial: bitzngiggles

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer:

diy ideas, do it yourself, bathroom organizer jars, mason jars, how to, Tutorial: acultivatednest

Desk Organizers Desk Decor Jars:

5 minute crafts, room decor mason jars, creative mason jars, desk decor jarsTutorial: itallstartedwithpaint

Mason Jar Christmas Gift DIY:

tea lovers, mason jars, christmas gift mason jars, diy januar ideasTutorial: stonegableblog

Bird Feeder:

mason jar, bird feeder, crafts ideas, how to, 5 minute craftsTutorial: ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Mason Jar Candle:

candle mason jar, diy candle ideas, how to, Tutorial: martysmusings

Pendant Light Fixture:

light mason jars, diy ideas, diy crafts and projects, mason jarsTutorial: designsponge

Loves To Craft Mason Jar Gift:

lovely mason jars, how to, diy ideas, diy crafts and projectsTutorial: myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

Lettered Mason Jars:

white mason jars, lettered mason jars, how to, make mason jarsTutorial: theletteredcottage

Sea Glass Jars:

colorful mason jars, simple mason jars, how to, diy ideasTutorial: barefootcrafting

Manicure Set in a Jar:

manicure set, mason jars, gifts mason jars, mason jar gifts, gifts jar ideasTutorial: cupkakeinpumps

Music Mason Jars:

music jars, music mason jars, hearts mason jars, candle mason jarsTutorial: arzyna

Pencil Holder Jars:

mason jars, teacher decor ideas, how to, https://www.mycraftivityshop.com/Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

hugs and kisses, mason jars, https://www.mycraftivityshop.com/Tutorial:

Christmas Cookies In A Jar:

diy ideas, diy mason jars, diy crafts ideas, do it yourselfTutorial: cookiecrazie

Hugs and Kisses in a Jar:

creative mason jars, diy ideas, snowman mason jars, mason jar ideasTutorial: thesuburbanmom

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser:

https://www.mycraftivityshop.com/ diy ideas, diy projects, easy jars,Tutorial: simplykierste

Home Made Bath Bombs Gift In A Jar:

home made, mason jars, bombs mason jars, how to diyTutorial: chicacircle

Fabric Trim Votive:

fabric trim jars, diy ideas, diy crafts, diy jars, jars ideasTutorial: fellowfellow

Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch:

techno mason jars, torch mason jars, do it yourselfTutorial: learn.adafruit

Lucky Jar Revamp:

flowers mason jars, diy mason jars, how to make mason jar, diy craftsTutorial: yesterdayontuesday

Mason Jar Hot Chocolate DIY Christmas Gifts:

mason jars, hot mason jars, chocolate gift jars, mason jars, diy crafts and projectsTutorial: theloopywhisk


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