25 DIY Chalkboard Craft Ideas – Chalkboard Paint

How amazing it would be to personalize any wall or an item by writing custom words and letters with hands? Just to make this dream of you a reality, these chalkboard crafts are here that will never go out of style and will be super fun to do! In the chalkboard craft personalization projects, the possibilities are just endless like you chalk paint the front sides of drawers to write anything lovely on them and you can also paint your refrigerators with a chalkboard to draw custom shapes and art on them every day with great ease! Next, also paint the kitchen cutting boards and make also the cool quoted wall art signs out of them! If you need some more ideas and inspirations then open up this showcase of 25 DIY Chalkboard Craft Ideas that are based on painting the surfaces smartly with chalkboard paint and hence giving the permissions to users to handwriting and draw on those chalkboard painted surfaces!

Paint the wooden monogram letters with Chalkboard Paint and allow drawing and sketching on them and next hang them as personalized art pieces on your interior home walls! Also, chalkboard paint your mugs and plates and start writing custom letters and words on them paint half of the cups with Chalkboard Paint and then enjoy the good looks of your coffee mugs every day by drawing a unique pattern every day with chalk! Also, chalkboard paint the wooden rounds and make interesting wreaths out of them and do chalkboard paint the table runners so you can write the pleasing quotes for the party guests on them and also the table numbers and names of your beloved ones!

Make use of cork sheet, square tiles, and Chalkboard Paint to make chalkboard coasters and also make cool looking chalkboard buntings and banners that will be perfect for every occasion! Visit the entire list to see some more unique and interesting chalkboard paint projects and click on the attached links to grab the full free tutorials!

DIY Chalkboard Art Dresser:

How To DIY Chalkboard Art Dresser

Tutorial: thegunnysack

Make A DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator:

Make A DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator

Tutorial: thekurtzcorner

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard Made From Clipboard:

Easy DIY Kitchen Chalkboard Made From Clipboard

Tutorial: andersonandgrant

DIY Chalkboard Cutting Board:

Cute DIY Chalkboard Cutting Board

Tutorial: decorchick

Chalkboard From Framed Art:

How To Make Chalkboard From Framed Art

Tutorial: brightgreendoor

DIY Chalkboard Monogram Chalk Slate:

Create A DIY Chalkboard Monogram Chalk Slate

Tutorial: maisondepax

DIY Chalkboard Mug And Plate:

Simple DIY Chalkboard Mug And Plate

Tutorial: shelterness

How To Create Chalkboard Mug:

How To Create Chalkboard Mug

Tutorial: witandwhistle

Make Your Own Chalkboard Wreath:

Make Your Own Chalkboard Wreath

Tutorial: number-2-pencil

Easy DIY Chalkboard Table Setting:

Easy DIY Chalkboard Table Setting

Tutorial: blog.heylook

Chalkboard Coasters:

How To Create Your Own Chalkboard Coasters

Tutorial: thesweetestoccasion

How To Make Chalkboard Banner:

How To Make Chalkboard Banner

Tutorial: deliacreates

DIY Chalkboard Transformation:

Easy DIY Chalkboard Transformation

Tutorial: pitterandglink

DIY Chalkboard Heart Necklace:

Simple DIY Chalkboard Heart Necklace

Tutorial: amylattacreations

DIY Chalkboard Embroidery:

How To DIY Chalkboard Embroidery

Tutorial: pamashdesigns

Chalkboard Printables Tutorial:

Free Chalkboard Printables Tutorial

Tutorial: hauteandhealthyliving

DIY 10 Minute Chalkboard Inspired Gift Wrap:

DIY 10 Minute Chalkboard Inspired Gift Wrap

Tutorial: thelifeofjenniferdawn

DIY Chalkboard Paint Spice Jars:

DIY Chalkboard Paint Spice Jars

Tutorial: unsophisticook

How To Paint Your Fridge With Chalkboard:

How To Paint Your Fridge With Chalkboard

Tutorial: thehandmadehome

Chalkboard Calendar:

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Calendar

Tutorial: seamlessdays

DIY Weekly Menu Chalkboard Tutorial:

DIY Weekly Menu Chalkboard Tutorial

Tutorial: refreshliving

DIY Chalkboard Painted Spice Jars:

How To DIY Chalkboard Painted Spice Jars

Tutorial: makeandtell

Make Your Own Chalkboard Anything:

Make Your Own Chalkboard Anything

Tutorial: sugarandcloth

Create Your Own Pink Chalkboard Globe:

Create Your Own Pink Chalkboard Globe

Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday

DIY Chalkboard City Blocks:

Simple DIY Chalkboard City Blocks

Tutorial: hellobee


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