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Summers are here and we can let the fashionista come out that we have had enclosed inside us during the winters. We are free to wear anything in the summers from our clothes to shoes, makeup, carrying funky bags, clutches, sunglasses and so much more. But there is a saddening fact that being highly fashionable can burn a big hole in our pockets so the alternative is to learn some cheap summer fashion tricks.

Here are these 29 Best DIY Summers Refashion Ideas to enjoy the best fashion looks in the summers and that too without costing much. These fun ideas suggest how you can turn your old and boring summer clothes and accessories into totally modern and updated versions and look just aptly summer fantastic. So do check out these Summers Refashion Ideas and you would surely fall in love with these amazing fashion hacks.

Being casual and comfy we have a bunch of plain t-shirts and they are so boring to wear every day. So a lot of ideas here hint at the makeover of your t-shirts and turn them into some trendy pieces of the summer wardrobe. A loose fit shirt can be turned into a stylish peplum for yourself or you can sew a lovely nightgown for your little girl. There are immense ways to jazz up the beauty and fashion of your t-shirts with some simple and fun additions like the colorful tassels to a white tee, a giraffe symbol, a floral piece of fabric at the front, ruffles, lace and so much more. Also, make those sassy jeans short by cutting it out of your old pair of jeans or denim. Adding cute and colorful ribbons to simple and plain hats would really make them look stylish to wear for a summer day out. Revamping your skirts, shoes, headbands, and bags are also included in the following list so browse and learn these awesome refashion ideas.

DIY Summer Shorts Refashion:

DIY Summer Shorts Refashion From Thrifted Mens Jeans

Tutorial: tatertotsandjello

DIY Peplum Top Refashion:

How To DIY Peplum Top Refashion

Tutorial: merricksart

T-shirt To Nightgown In 15 Minutes:

From T shirt To Nightgown In 15 Minutes

Tutorial: itsalwaysautumn

DIY Flip Flop Refashion Idea:

Easy DIY Flip Flop Refashion Idea

Tutorial: makeit-loveit

DIY No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag In 10 Minutes:

How To Make A DIY No Sew T Shirt Tote Bag In 10 Minutes

Tutorial: mommypotamus

DIY Baby Apron Bib Free Pattern & Tutorial:

DIY Baby Apron Bib Free PatternTutorial

Tutorial: diyclothes

DIY Embroidered T-Shirt With Inspiration From A Graffiti:

DIY Embroidered T Shirt With Inspiration From A Graffiti

Tutorial: look-what-i-made

DIY No Sew Tassel Tee:

How To DIY No Sew Tassel Tee

Tutorial: fivemarigolds

DIY Skirt with Godets

Refashion Shorts into a DIY Skirt with Godets

Tutorial: cucicucicoo

DIY Tie Front Men’s Shirt Refashion:

DIY Tie Front Men’s Shirt Refashion

Tutorial: onecrafdiygirl

DIY Refashioning For Kids Turn Old Pants Into Shorts:

DIY Refashioning For Kids Turn Old Pants Into Shorts

Tutorial: cucicucicoo

DIY From Shirt to Dress:

Create A DIY From Shirt to Dress

Tutorial: vmarkmontano

Refashion-DIY Sleeveless Blouse Tutorial:

Refashion DIY Sleeveless Blouse Tutorial

Tutorial: look-what-i-made

Build Your Own DIY T-Shirt Market Bag:

Build Your Own DIY T Shirt Market Bag

Tutorial: thinkcrafts

DIY No Sew Floral Tutorial:

Simple DIY No Sew Floral Tutorial

Tutorial: prettylifegirls

DIY Old New Hat:

How To Create Your Own DIY Old New Hat

Tutorial: in-love-with-art

DIY Pillowcase Top:

How To Build A DIY Pillowcase Top

Tutorial: awesomesauceasshattery

Refashion-DIY Lace Up Blouse:

Refashion DIY Lace Up Blouse

Tutorial: look-what-i-made

Make Your Own DIY Ombre Headband:

Make Your Own DIY Ombre Headband

Tutorial: creatinglaura

DIY Swing Top From A Shirt:

How To Make A DIY Swing Top From A Shirt

Tutorial: mypoppet

Kittenhood Inspired DIY Overall Dress Tutorial:

Kittenhood Inspired DIY Overall Dress Tutorial

Tutorial: awesomesauceasshattery

Easy DIY Strings Attached:

Easy DIY Strings Attached

Tutorial: monsterscircus

DIY Sunhat Refashion:

Beautiful DIY Sunhat Refashion

Tutorial: curiousandcatcat

DIY Overalls With Pockets:

How To DIY Overalls With Pockets

Tutorial: annaevers

DIY Denim & Tulle Vest:

Cute DIY Denim Tulle Vest

Tutorial: awesomesauceasshattery

DIY Summer Maxi Skirt Refashion Tutorial

Easy DIY Summer Maxi Skirt Refashion Tutorial

Tutorial: therenegadeseamstress

DIY Bow Tee Refashion:

How To DIY Bow Tee Refashion

Tutorial: michaelannmade

DIY Matching Cropped Top And Skirt:

Best DIY Matching Cropped Top And Skirt

Tutorial: mylittlesecrets

Make This DIY Ruffle Shirt From An Old Tshirt:

Make This DIY Ruffle Shirt From An Old Tshirt

Tutorial: creativefashionblog


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