40 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas 2020

As we are heading towards the New Year so it’s high time that we set up calendars at home.

Here are 40 DIY Calendar Ideas 2019 that will help you make your own DIY Calendars for the year 2019 that you will definitely be proud of. The first idea that we have here is a hand stamped wood calendar which is definitely cool and interesting as it exclusively involves wood in it combined with the idea of stamps. You need to have a wooden plank for this project along with the stamps and some colors. Next, we have a template idea which is printable and looks absolutely unique and distinguished. Similarly, a rustic wall calendar has also been the talk of the town this year to make one for yourself and amaze everyone with your skills and creativity.

The next idea that you can see here for making a DIY calendar is surely classy and attractive that you really want to give this a try. This calendar is made of chalkboard and magnets and looks special in every way. You need to have some special supplies for this project and you are all set to start this incredible innovative journey right away. Have a look at this Lego advent calendar which is also quite surprising yet attractive to the eyes for sure. You can also make some very cool and marvelous activity calendars with the help of just a few supplies and some extra ordinary love for creativity.

All the projects have detailed written descriptions as well as tutorials that will explain each and every detail. You can find the tutorials in the links given below so that you will not miss the minor details of any of the project that you see here.

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DIY Handstamped Wood Calendar:

DIY Handstamped Wood Calendar

Tutorial: damasklove

DIY Free Printable Calendar Template:

DIY Free Printable Calendar Template

Tutorial: apieceofrainbow

DIY Giant Rustic Wall Calendar with Printable:

Simple DIY Giant Rustic Wall Calendar with Printable

Tutorial: housefulofhandmade

DIY Chalkboard Magnetic Calendar:

How To DIY Chalkboard Magnetic Calendar

Tutorial: the36thavenue

DIY Lego Advent Calendar:

Make Your Own DIY Lego Advent Calendar

Tutorial: littlebinsforlittlehands

DIY Chalkboard Calendar:

How To Make Your Own DIY Chalkboard Calendar

Tutorial: princesspinkygirl

Build Your Own DIY Desk Calendar:

Build Your Own DIY Desk Calendar

Tutorial: viewfrom5ft2

DIY Activity Advent Calendar:

Create Your Own DIY Activity Advent Calendar

Tutorial: tinkerlab

DIY Framed Calendar Prints:

How To Make Your Own DIY Framed Calendar Prints

Tutorial: thecreativityexchange

DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar:

Easy DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar

Tutorial: jenwoodhouse

DIY Holiday Advent Calendars:

Simple DIY Holiday Advent Calendars

Tutorial: gingerandivory

DIY Back To School Paint Chip Calendar:

DIY Back To School Paint Chip Calendar

Tutorial: sayyes

Charming Advent Calendar:

How To Make A Charming Advent Calendar

Tutorial: womansday

How To Repurposing An Old Calendar:

How To Repurposing An Old Calendar

Tutorial: thepastiche

Envelopes Out of Wall Calendars:

How to Make DIY Envelopes Out of Wall Calendars

Tutorial: simplyrebekah

DIY Upcycled Calendar Envelopes:

How to Make DIY Upcycled Calendar Envelopes

Tutorial: homespunseasonalliving

Inspiration Emotion Calendars:

How To DIY Inspiration Emotion Calendars

Tutorial: mylittlesecrets

DIY Homemade Advent Calendar:

DIY Homemade Advent Calendar

Tutorial: northstory

DIY Felt Advent Banner Calendar:

Create A DIY Felt Advent Banner Calendar

Tutorial: thecraftedsparrow

DIY Chalkboard Advent Calendar:

How To Build A DIY Chalkboard Advent Calendar

Tutorial: ohhappyday

How To Make Your Own Calendar:

How To Make Your Own DIY Calendar

Tutorial: blog.heylook

DIY Gumball Machine Advent Calendar:

Easy DIY Gumball Machine Advent Calendar

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

DIY Desk Calendars:

How to Make DIY Desk Calendars

Tutorial: sweetstampshop

DIY Advent Calendar With Your Instagram Photos:

DIY Advent Calendar With Your Instagram Photos

Tutorial: cardstore

DIY Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar:

Easy DIY Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar

Tutorial: ispydiy

DIY Acrylic Calendar for Organizing:

Simple DIY Acrylic Calendar for Organizing

Tutorial: thecountrychiccottage

DIY Mirror Calendar:

How To Create Your Own DIY Mirror Calendar

Tutorial: withinthegrove

Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar:

Best DIY Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Tutorial: thistlewoodfarms

DIY Desktop Calendar:

How To Build Your Own DIY Desktop Calendar

Tutorial: makingtheworldcuter

Make A Perpetual Flip Calendar:

Make A DIY Perpetual Flip Calendar

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

Printable Floral Calendar:

Create A DIY Printable Floral Calendar

Tutorial: homeprintables

Easy Dry Erase DIY Calendar:

Easy Dry Erase DIY Calendar

Tutorial: blog.darice

DIY Calendar Wall Hanger:

How To DIY Calendar Wall Hanger

Tutorial: seamlessdays

Printable Minimalist Calendar:

Easy DIY Printable Minimalist Calendar

Tutorial: foreignrooftops

DIY Calendar Tutorial:

Super Simple DIY Calendar Tutorial

Tutorial: zakladnicycodziennosci

Make Your Own DIY 2018 Minimal Calendar:

Make Your Own DIY 2018 Minimal Calendar

Tutorial: missylisha

DIY Printable Calendar:

Super Cute DIY Printable Calendar

Tutorial: shortstopdesigns

12 Sided Calendar:

Create Youe Own DIY 12 Sided Calendar

Tutorial: craftaholicsanonymous

DIY Personalized Calendar:

Build Your Own DIY Personalized Calendar

Tutorial: itsalwaysautumn

DIY Desk Calendar:

How To Build A DIY Desk Calendar

Tutorial: allthingspinkandpretty


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