30 Easy & Amazing DIY Concrete Projects That You Can Try

Do you love amazing concrete crafts? You can only imagine all the cute and durable things that you can make using just a bag of concrete. We’ve gathered here some amazing and brilliant DIY Concrete Projects that you can make at home, and add up to your décor. You can have some inexpensive and cute DIY Concrete Gift ideas too after exploring through our collection.
You can make your indoor planters and herb holders with concrete. Guess what, you can even set up and make a beautiful concrete candle! Concrete garden bowls, candle holders, huge dragon eggs. You name it, and we’ve got it here. With our DIY concrete projects, the only sky is the limit. You can stately update your home décor using these DIY concrete ideas.
Concrete has this amazing characteristic that it can be easily molded, handled, or pressed in whichever or whatever shape you want. It makes brilliant outdoor and indoor décor items. Check out our easy and fantastic collection of 30 DIY Concrete Projects.

Compare Concrete Mixes for Crafting:

Compare Concrete Mixes for Crafting

Before starting your DIY concrete projects, you must first have an idea about which type of concrete is best for these crafts. See the various types and tests that you can do to start with your concrete crafts. See the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: madebybarb

Easy DIY Concrete Bowl:

Easy DIY Concrete Bowl

Make this minimalistic concrete bowl for your living room décor. See the step by step guide with pictures, required materials, and proper instructions in the tutorial section.

Tutorial: popcraftart

How To Make Concrete Pots For All Your Indoor Herbs:

How To Make Concrete Pots For All Your Indoor Herbs

Make these cute little concrete pots to hold all your indoor herbs. They will look cute, and it will be easier to manage indoor herbs. The pictures and supplies in the tutorial will walk you through the entire process.

Tutorial: littleyellowwheelbarrow

Concrete And Resin Planter:

Concrete And Resin Planter

You can make these pretty little concrete planters in less than an hour! To make these concrete planters mix up with Resin, see the entire process and details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: resincraftsblog

Concrete Bookend From Chez Larsson:

Concrete Bookend From Chez Larsson

Make this classic concrete bookend by using your empty box of Ferrero Rocher! Yes! No kidding, who knew you can craft something so perfect out of an empty box. See the full details and process in the tutorial.

Tutorial: thebeatthatmyheartskipped

How to Make a Concrete Candle:

How to Make a Concrete Candle

Make this beautiful concrete candle under $5 with no power tools needed. This could be a stately addition to your bedroom décor. See the step by step guide with pictures in the tutorial.

Tutorial: lovecreatecelebrate

Paint Anything to Look Like Concrete:

How to Paint Anything to Look Like Concrete

You can make an of your simple looking decoration or toy items to look like classy concrete décor! This tutorial explains how by just using some paint, woodcraft, and glue, you can alter the look altogether.

Tutorial: blesserhouse

How To Make Cement Planters:

How To Make Cement Planters

You can make these personalized cement planters at home, all by yourself. You can customize the cement bowl’s décor and final look as per your décor. As in you can manage an entire theme. See step by step details in tutorial.

Tutorial: createandcraft

DIY Concrete Leaf Garden Bowl:

DIY Concrete Leaf Garden Bowl

If you’re a true DIY fanatic, you’d love to add these beautiful concrete leaf garden bowls to your garden! They are easy to make and create a perfect heavenly vision for eyes. Click the tutorial for the step by step process.

Tutorial: isavea2z

DIY Concrete & Cement Planters & Candle Holders:

DIY Concrete and Cement Planters and Candle Holders

Add these classy candle holders and planters by using concrete and cement. The pictures, products required, and measurements to make will walk you through the entire process in the tutorial.

Tutorial: hometalk

Make A Two-Toned Concrete Vase Using This Technique:

Make A Two Toned Concrete Vase Using This Technique

Are you looking for a stately vase to upgrade your décor? Well, look no more. We’ve got it covered. Make this beautiful two-toned concrete vase by using the materials in the tutorial.

Tutorial: papernstitchblog

Making Concrete Dragon Eggs:

Making Concrete Dragon Eggs

Dragons are these evergreen coolest creatures that never get boring. You can craft these giant, appealing dragon eggs by simply using concrete. Click at the tutorial to go through the step by step guide and details.

Tutorial: shop-time

DIY Concrete Jar Candles:

DIY Concrete Jar Candles

See these beautiful and minimalistic concrete jar candles. They can literally brighten up your place and make it way classier. See the step by step guide and details in the tutorial section.

Tutorial: boldmakerstudio

Concrete Letter Bookends:

Concrete Letter Bookends

Craft these perfectly carved out concrete letter bookends. They can set up a stately taste in your bookcases or home libraries. The pictures and materials required with step by step guide are available in the tutorial.

Tutorial: littlehouseonthecorner

How to Make Concrete Planters:

How to Make Concrete Planters

Craft these beautiful and simple concrete planters using any shapes and sizes of your choice. One of the best things about using concrete planters is that they are way more durable than any other planters. See the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: gardentherapy

DIY Industrial Style Concrete Pillar Solar Light:

DIY Industrial Style Concrete Pillar Solar Light

Set up your own classy solar light panels outside! All you’re going to need is a container with the right size to give it the shape and size. See the step by step guide and details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: theshabbycreekcottage

How To Make Concrete DIY Ring Cones:

How To Make Concrete DIY Ring Cones

Are you exhausted of finding your rings every time searching through the entire drawer? With these cute tiny concrete ring cones, you can upgrade your dressing room’s décor and find your rings easily. Details and complete guide in the tutorial.

Tutorial: diyinpdx

Gold Leaf Concrete Planters & Candles:

Gold Leaf Concrete Planters Candles

You can have these stunning and majestic gold leaf concrete planters and candles upgrading your décor. They are very easy to make, and once you’ve got yourself one, you’ll be pretty much set the whole décor theme likewise.

Tutorial: caitlinball

Concrete Tray:

Concrete Tray

Make this perfect concrete and brass tray to spice up your dining room décor. Using the gold rings can make it easier to handle the tray and add a classy touch too. See the full details and process in the tutorial.

Tutorial: sugarandcloth

Faux Concrete Planters:

Faux Concrete Planters

Make these sweet looking and welcoming faux concrete planters by just using paint makers, Dollar store planters, gray and white paint, chalk paint powder and foam brushes. See the step by step guide in the tutorial.

Tutorial: thecraftedsparrow

Concrete Plant Stand:

Concrete Plant Stand

This tutorial is going to help you set up a concrete plant tutorial with wood legs. It’s easy for a beginner level too. It suggests directly implanting the legs into the concrete. Check out the detailed guide in the tutorial.

Tutorial: deliciousanddiy

Concrete Tealight Holder From An Avocado Shell:

Concrete Tealight Holder From An Avocado Shell

Crafting a concrete mix into any desired shape and container is way easier than you might think. This tutorial walks you through the entire process to craft a concrete candle holder using an avocado shell.

Tutorial: adorablest

Tall Concrete Tea Light Candle Sticks:

Tall Concrete Tea Light Candle Sticks

By using the Rapid Set Cement, this tutorial explains how you can craft these beautiful tall concrete candlelight sticks. The tutorial explains the step by step guide and materials required in detail.

Tutorial: diyfunideas

How To Make Concrete Pots:

How To Make Concrete Pots

You can mold concrete into any shape and container as you like. This makes it the perfect DIY craft material. This tutorial shows in the step by step process how you can set up a pretty concrete pot for your indoor or outdoor décor.

Tutorial: blahblahmagazine

Concrete Floral Vase:

Concrete Floral Vase

Molding a concrete vase is simple, but it all comes down to how you decorate its exterior. That’s where you can express your true style statement. Using acrylic paints to décor this beautiful vase can be one option.

Tutorial: rosyscription

Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones:

Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones

You can spice up your garden décor game by setting up this catchy concrete leaf imprint setting the stone. This tutorial explains in detail the materials required and step by step guide to craft this beautiful piece.

Tutorial: gardentherapy

Concrete Votives:

Concrete Votives

Set up your living room corner with this state of art concrete votive. This tutorial explains in detail with pictures and step by step guide to craft this enthralling piece.

Tutorial: monsterscircus

DIY Concrete Magnets:

DIY Concrete Magnets

Are you a fan of fridge magnets? You can have plenty of them designed by yourself by exploring through this tutorial. Concrete magnets could be your favorite and easiest DIY craft. See details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: athomeinlove

DIY Marbled Tray Using Concrete:

DIY Marbled Tray Using Concrete

This tutorial takes the concrete tray to another level by contrasting it with marbles. You can make these pristine and smooth pieces at home by exploring the steps in the tutorial.

Tutorial: apairandasparediy

Easy DIY Wood and Concrete Planter:

Easy DIY Wood and Concrete Planter

Add this minimalistic concrete and wood planter to spice up your décor game. This tutorial explains that how by using concrete and wood, you can design something stately. See the step by step guide and materials in the tutorial section.

Tutorial: addicted2decorating

These DIY concrete projects are easy to make and can be surprisingly inexpensive too. The only precaution while using concrete as a craft tool is to wear gloves. Concrete has this utmost benefit that it can be easily molded into multiple shapes. Its option for final touches and décor are wide too! Plus, let’s not forget the durability factor with it. Happy concrete crafting!


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