50 DIY Picture Frames Ideas For Your Favorite Pictures

Wall art is addiction itself. Once you realize all the amazing stuff that you can do with your wall décor, there is no stopping. There are about a hundred different ways to fill up your walls. If you are shopping kind of person, you’ll find amazing wall arts around each corner. But if you are a DIY fan, you will find a hundred inspirations from everywhere you pass through. The fun part of being a DIY junkie is that you never run out of ideas and creativity. Say that you like a wall art way too much, but it goes out of budget way more than that. Or the wall art id perfect but the size isn’t compatible with your décor.

To take care of all of these queries and troubles, we’ve rounded up some brilliant and very easy to make DIY Picture Frame Ideas. By exploring these, you will never have to worry about filling in your wall art with these Picture Frames. They are inexpensive, versatile, and offer a lot of options.

If you have even a teensy bit of artistic ability, you can rock these ideas like a pro. After all, everyone can handle some glue, paint, and wooden or canvas bars! But, you have no idea the wonders you can do with these and few other supplies added. Keep reading! The best part is here. The part where we do wonders.

Easy DIY Picture Frame You Can Make Without Power Tools:

Easy DIY Picture Frame You Can Make Without Power Tools

You can design and set up this beautiful piece of art in your dining rooms by using a few supplies and an unbelievably easy process. All you’re going to need and do for this picture frame is mentioned in the tutorial with pictures.

Tutorials: designertrapped

DIY Picture Frame Under $5:

Best DIY Picture Frame Under 5

Red do your little boy’s room décor by making this picture frame under $5! Neither costly nor complicated. All you’ll be needing is pine boards, screws, stain, and some wall hanging hardware. Hit the tutorial for all details.

Tutorials: placeofmytaste

Create Your Own Rustic Picture Frame:

Create Your Own Rustic Picture Frame

This rustic picture frame is appealing to both traditional and modern look. It can add minimalism to your décor. It’s magically easy to make and will look like a real piece of beauty hanging on your wall.

Tutorials: diynetwork

DIY Abstract Picture Frames:

DIY Abstract Picture Frames

You can set up your wall décor with these abstract picture frames! They give an exceptional and out of the ordinary appeal to your wall. The tutorial will walk you through the step by step process in detail.

Tutorials: designsponge

Easy Wooden Picture Or Photo Frame:

Easy Wooden Picture Or Photo Frame

Simple and deep-rooted designs never get boring. They add a minimalistic touch to your décor. You can design this stately picture frame by using some pine wood, molding, and a few other supplies. See the tutorial for details.

Tutorials: home-dzine

How to Make a Picture Frame 3 Ways:

How to Make a Picture Frame 3 Ways

This tutorial is equipped with three different ways of making a picture frame. Like, picture frame made with the table saw, router table or handheld router. After seeing this tutorial, you’ll be able to design all these three kinds by yourself.

Tutorials: fixthisbuildthat

Old Picture Frame Into Barn Wood Frame:

Old Picture Frame Into Barn Wood Frame

By nesting one picture frame into another, you can give your old frame a new and expensive look. This tutorial explains how you can turn your old wood frame into a barn wood frame. To make it look more tempting!

Tutorials: apieceofrainbow

Picture Frames Tutorial:

Easy DIY Picture Frames Tutorial

This tutorial elaborates how easy it is to upgrade your décor game by making a large picture frame. Stained with rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint. By using this idea, you can give way more presence to an ordinary art piece.

Tutorials: easydiy

Marbled Picture Frames:

How To DIY Marbled Picture Frames

Another way to put up memorable pictures is to set them up in these funky abstract marble picture frames! You’ll be needing 1-2 nail paints, a frame, a disposable container, some warm water, and wax paper to dry!

Tutorials: happilyevaafter

DIY Watercolor Picture Frames:

DIY Watercolor Picture Frames

Design your own personalized picture frames with watercolors, add up a little glitter over the surface, and make your pictures talk! The power of paint never ceases to amaze. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorials: happinessishomemade

Make A DIY Glitter Photo Frames:

Make A DIY Glitter Photo Frames

Make your simple old photos all glittery and shiny with this idea. This unconventional picture frame idea is magically easy and adds a new fun-filled life to your pictures. The tutorial will walk you through the entire process.

Tutorials: abeautifulmess

Book Picture Frame:

How To Make A Book Picture Frame

Vintage books can make some eye-catchy vintage picture frames. Next time, you’re bored with an old book and planning to give it up. Look at it with a different and more creative perspective. This tutorial is all well-founded to change that!

Tutorials: papernstitchblog

DIY Picture Frames From The Thrift Store:

DIY Picture Frames from the Thrift Store

This tutorial elaborates the easiest and most fun ways to personalize thrift store art. After seeing this tutorial, you will have this creative third eye, which will exhibit SO many options to upgrade these cast-off canvases!

Tutorials: homebeautifully

Magnetic Polaroid Picture Frames:

Cute DIY Magnetic Polaroid Picture Frames

Design these oh-so-pretty polaroid picture frames and put a smile on your face and your family’s everybody is on the fridge to grab something! All you’re going to need is magnetic sheets, textured vinyl, scissors, and printed photos.

Tutorials: thehomesihavemade

DIY Picture Frame Craft Ideas With Mosaic Tiles:

DIY Picture Frame Craft Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

Turn your old frame from the attic or back of your closet into something beautiful and funky! You can redo your old frame into an appealing piece of art depending on your taste by using mosaic tiles. See the details in the tutorial.

Tutorials: diyprojects

Build A DIY Rustic Picture Frame:

Build A DIY Rustic Picture Frame

This ultra-traditional piece of art can upgrade your gallery wall décor. It will add a rustic vintage touch to your collection. Plus, it’s always a beautiful and catchy vision to look at. The tutorial will walk you through the steps.

Tutorials: jennakateathome

DIY Picture Frame Ledge:

Best DIY Picture Frame Ledge

In just under $20, you can design your own DIY picture frame ledge. Imagine floating picture frames over your walls. Add up your collection of vintage, rustic, and wooden stained picture frames. Make the wall as minimalistic as it could get.

Tutorials: homemadebycarmona

Build a Rustic Picture Frame in 20 Minutes:

Build a Rustic Picture Frame in 20 Minutes

Give an old picture frame facelift by using this rustic DIY picture frame idea! All you’re going to need is boards, finishing nails and wood glue. The tutorial will walk you through the step by step guide with pictures.

Tutorials: housefulofhandmade

DIY Picture Frame Shelves:

DIY Picture Frame Shelves

Add big doses of colors on your wall using these picture frames shelves. Create your personalized arrangement on the wall, display the things you love. It will be like your personal gallery collection wall. Hit the tutorial to get started.

Tutorials: popsugar

Pedestal DIY Picture Frame Trio:

Pedestal DIY Picture Frame Trio

Spice up your DIY picture frame game by making these pedestal picture frames! These could be a bit expensive at any boutique store, but with the help of your DIY skills, you can nail this art at home just the right way.

Tutorials: consumercrafts

Easy DIY Photo Framing on the Cheap:

Easy DIY Photo Framing on the Cheap

If you’re a vintage fan and someone who is not so excited spending a fortune on these picture frames. You have landed in the right place, here. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to craft your own vintage frame.

Tutorials: biscuitsandburlap

Dollar Tree Picture Frame Lanterns:

Simple DIY Dollar Tree Picture Frame Lanterns

Design these adorable and stately lantern candles using picture frames! You’re going to need five picture frames, (in specific dimensions), hot glue gun and needle-nose pliers. See the tutorial for steps and particular details.

Tutorials: hip2save

Easy Custom Picture Frame:

Easy DIY Custom Picture Frame

Put a cute but inspirational message on your little girl’s wall by using this customized picture frame idea. The tutorial will walk you through the step by step guide, supplies required, and everything you need to know.

Tutorials: hertoolbelt

DIY Painting Picture Frames:

DIY Painting Picture Frames

Add more presence to your memorable pictures on the wall by setting a themed décor on it. White painted picture frames are a stately and minimalistic addition to any décor. This tutorial elaborates on how you can successfully paint them all white!

Tutorials: doityourselfdivas

How To DIY Photo Frame Tutorial:

How To DIY Photo Frame Tutorial

Create and craft your own photo frame form scratch by working on wooden boards as your base. Add some paint, double-sided tape, a craft knife and paintbrush of course. The tutorial will walk you through the step by step guide.

Tutorials: happinessboutique

DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board Using a Picture Frame:

DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board using a Picture Frame

Another way to set up a beautiful picture frame is to use fabric covered corkboard. Striped two-colored fabrics will make the frame look so eloquent, and the picture will stand out too. Hit the tutorial now for details and steps.

Tutorials: thehappyhousie

DIY Barn Wood Picture Frames:

DIY Barn Wood Picture Frames

Add tranquility and vintage to your décor by putting up these minimalistic barn wood photo frames. They will look good on any wall and in fact, will add more presence to the wall itself. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorials: chadchandler

Pallet & Scrap Wood DIY Picture Frames:

Pallet and Scrap Wood DIY Picture Frames

Nesting your simple and plain photo frames into wooden or pallet frames can make one hell of an art piece for your wall. It’s simple and easy to make and practically free if you have access to pallets and lumber wood.

Tutorials: mylove2create

Painted Picture Frames:

How To Painted Picture Frames

By using multi-surface satin acrylic paint, you can craft a 3D looking picture frame for your loved ones. Could make a perfect gift for Christmas or holiday. By painting inside the picture frame, it makes the image more vivid.

Tutorials: handmadecharlotte

Picture Display With Magnet Frames:

Picture Display with Magnet Frames

On some white cardstock paper and used some pink paint, set up your pictures using the magnetic paper. This DIY picture display with magnetic frames can be one beautiful corner setting for your décor.

Tutorials: kraftmint

Make Mini Picture Frames:

Make A Mini Picture Frames

Make these cute mini picture frames for your loved one’s desk. Laced with all the good memories back then and now! This will flare up the décor and even the aura of their work table SO many times more.

Tutorials: maritzalisa

Pom Pom Picture Frames:

Pom Pom Picture Frames

These neon themed pom-pom picture frames are a beautiful addition to any gallery wall’s décor. They are unbelievably easy to make using some mini pom-pom trim, picture frames, and some hot glue. Hit the tutorial for details!

Tutorials: akailochiclife

DIY Fabric Mats With Picture Frames:

DIY Fabric Mats With Picture Frames 660x990

Add an exquisite presence to your pictures by using these fabric mats in the picture frames. They can be of any color that matches your entire décor theme. The tutorial will walk you through the step by step guide!

Tutorials: theeffortlesschic

Magnet Picture Frames:

Magnet Picture Frames

Magnet pictures frames are soon bound to replace refrigerator magnets! For one, they are SO easy to make and add a personalized, extra amount of love touch to the kitchen! The tutorial is laced with all the details to design these love magnets.

Tutorials: ohohdeco

Make Beachy Style Picture Frames From Fence Wood:

Make Beachy Style Picture Frames From Fence Wood

Tutorials: apieceofrainbow

Scrap Wood Photo Blocks:

Scrap Wood Photo Blocks

Tutorials: jugglingactmama

Braided Masking Tapes Pictures Frame:

Braided Masking Tapes Pictures Frame

Tutorials: ludorn

Picture Frame Restyle:

Picture Frame Restyle

Tutorials: lanaredstudio

Making Colored Pencil Picture Frames:

Making Colored Pencil Picture Frames

Tutorials: leighlaurelstudios

Fabric Covered Picture Frame:

Fabric Covered Picture Frame

Tutorials: makinghomebase

Yarn Wrapped Frames:

Simple Yarn Wrapped Frames

Tutorials: thecraftedlife

DIY Wood Chevron Picture Frame:

DIY Wood Chevron Picture Frame

Tutorials: lollyjane

DIY Neons & Nature Picture Frame:

DIY Neons and Nature Picture Frame

Tutorials: ilovetocreateblog

Picture Frame Key Holder:

Picture Frame Key Holder

Tutorials: temeculablogs

Pastel Picture Frames Tutorial:

Easy DIY Pastel Picture Frames Tutorial

Tutorials: maritzalisa

Washi Tape Picture Frame:

Washi Tape Picture Frame

Tutorials: bombshellbling

Homemade Picture Frame With A Burlap Bow:

Homemade Picture Frame With A Burlap Bow

Tutorials: shanty

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase:

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Tutorials: homestoriesatoz

DIY Picture Frame Window Door:

DIY Picture Frame Window Door

Tutorials: iammommahearmeroar

Printed & Framed Chalkboard Tutorial:

Printed And Framed Chalkboard Tutorial

Tutorials: dearlillieblog


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