50 Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Black is the one royal color that makes any of its surroundings stand out. Having a huge wall with Chalkboard Paint might sound odd at first thought. But, if you think about it clearly, black walls make this epic chic statement. We’ve rounded up some fantastic DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas. You can use them indoor or outdoor, too. Have your kids a nice productive play area with our easy DIY Chalkboard Paint or make your interior walls look classy. You can scribble your heart out, or display your dinner menus, share your favorite quotes, list down the grocery to-do on the chalkboard paint.

Not only just chalkboard paint walls ideas, but we have gathered here some chalkboard paint vase ideas, chalkboard painted herb pots and SO much more. After exploring through our brilliant and easy DIY Chalkboard Ideas, you can have personalized chalkboard flower pots, mugs, glass bottles, lids, and even chalkboard Painted Coffee table.
With these Chalkboard Paint ideas of walls and all other things, you can actually make your ideas talk to you. You can help yourself stay more organized and create to-do lists to glance over here and there. Setting up chalkboard paint ideas for your kids can be a great idea as well. This will help them play productively, play around by learning, and making something.

Explore through these easy and brilliant ideas, and we are sure after seeing them, you’re going to be a huge DIY chalkboard paint fan.

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard For Backyards & Patios:

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard for Backyards and Patios

This tutorial explains in detail with step by step guide to set up a DIY Outdoor Chalkboard for Backyards & Patios. This could be a fun outdoor activity for your kids. You can design this customized play space at home with this tutorial.

Tutorial: rhythmsofplay

Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas:

Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

You can make this cute chalkboard notice board by seeing the details and step by step guide in this tutorial. This could be one lovely Christmas gift or any other occasion’s customized gift. See the tutorial for further details.

Tutorial: planningwithkids

DIY Chalkboard Paint Wall Idea:

DIY Chalkboard Paint Wall Idea

This could be a brilliant and creative wall décor idea. It is one brilliant inexpensive idea to let your kids be as creative as they may wish to be. The tutorial has all the necessary details you need to know to set up this idea.

Tutorial: thediynuts

How to Paint a Kitchen Chalkboard Wall:

How to Paint a Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

Make your kitchen look more appealing and welcoming than ever before. This tutorial explains in details with step by step guide and material requirements, how to turn your kitchen’s ordinary wall into something spectacular.

Tutorial: diynetwork

Make A DIY Chalkboard:

How To Make A DIY Chalkboard

Make your life more functional and fun alike. With this creative chalkboard paint idea, you can manage and centralize all your to-do lists at one place. The tutorial explains the process with the help of step by step guide.

Tutorial: shewearsmanyhats

Chalkboard Placemats:

Chalkboard Placemats

Set up and design your table with your very own personalized chalkboard placemats. We don’t think it gets any better than that! To have your own theme for each day. This is as inexpensive as it can get.

Tutorial: salvagedliving

DIY Chalkboard Paint Project For Your Wall:

DIY Chalkboard Paint Project For Your Wall

Isn’t this love at first sight kind of wall to have in your room? The best part, you can redecorate it whenever you want to. The tutorial is equipped for a beginner DIY fan too, covers the expenses part, timings, and materials required.

Tutorial: homedepot

Chalkboard Painted DIY Herb Pots:

Chalkboard Painted DIY Herb Pots

What could be more fun than naming your plants? Make these stately and classy chalkboard paint herb pots. If you’re looking for a creative and appealing mother’s day gift, this must be it. See details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: liagriffith

Chalkboard Paint Vase Tutorial:

Best Chalkboard Paint Vase Tutorial

Name your flowers collection each day! Make your décor more interactive. The tutorial suggests using glass vase or container, chalkboard spray paint, and an open-air area to craft this piece of art.

Tutorial: thislilpiglet

DIY Chalkboard Painted Mugs:

DIY Chalkboard Painted Mugs

We bet everybody loves those cute chalkboard mugs at Starbucks. They must inspire the DIY junkie inside you to try something of that sort for your home. This tutorial will walk you through the entire process of crafting them.

Tutorial: prettyhandygirl

Clear Chalkboard Paint Front Door Project:

Clear Chalkboard Paint Front Door Project

Who wouldn’t love to have this cute interactive front door, designed with chalkboard paint, of course? It is as creative as it gets! One of the best DIY ideas. Check the entire steps and materials required by hitting the tutorial.

Tutorial: meaningfulmama

DIY Monogram Chalkboard Paint Coasters:

DIY Monogram Chalkboard Paint Coasters

Make your customized chalkboard paint coasters by exploring through this tutorial. Everybody loves to have their very own style statement. With this chalkboard paint idea, you can actually have that in real. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: settingforfour

Painting A Chalkboard Door:

Painting A Chalkboard Door

The tutorial shares the details to create a masterpiece of art i.e., a chalkboard paint door, or as call it, the interactive door. Scribble your odds and ideas all day long. Whatever, whenever! See details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: interiorsbykenz

Chalkboard Paint Projects:

Chalkboard Paint Projects

The combination of chalkboard paint with your favorite paint colors could literally bring the most significant break of your DIY ideas. Craft your own customized colorful chalkboard boards, vases or whatever you want to.

Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

DIY Chalkboard Paint & Canvas:

DIY Chalkboard Paint and Canvas

The tutorial explains how you can make this funky chalkboard paint canvas by using; plain canvas, white gesso, some orange acrylic paint, and few other supplies. Hit the tutorial button to see the step by step guide.

Tutorial: makeandtakes

Paint A Menu Chalkboard For The Kitchen Wall:

How To Paint A Menu Chalkboard For The Kitchen Wall

Spice up your kitchen décor game by painting this creative and interactive chalkboard paint kitchen wall! Jot down your breakfasts, lunch, and dinner meals menus. The tutorial explains the process to design this pretty piece.

Tutorial: cravingsomecreativity

How To Make A Chalkboard:

How To Make A Chalkboard

Design your own customized chalkboard with the help of this tutorial. You can set up something like this with your own themed Halloween party! Imagine how cool is that. See the details and step by step guide with pictures in the tutorial.

Tutorial: homestoriesatoz

Chalkboard Painted Pots:

Chalkboard Painted Pots

Imagine having these cutest looking herb pots ever for your herb garden! Design these by using pastel chalkboard paint. These tiny fellows can literally upgrade your décor game. Hit the tutorial for details and materials.

Tutorial: heytherehome

Making Custom Colored Chalkboard Paint:

Making Custom Colored Chalkboard Paint

Are you inspired by chalkboard paint but black is not your color? Worry not, with this DIY chalkboard paint idea, you can have your own custom-colored chalkboard paints. The tutorial will walk you through the process.

Tutorial: thecrazycraftlady

How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Flowerpots:

How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Flowerpots

Design and decorate your flower post by seeing this chalkboard paint flower pots tutorial. Upgrade your décor with this creative idea. The tutorial explains in detail the easy way to sharpen your garden’s look.

Tutorial: thesitsgirls

Paint a Chalkboard Flower Pot:

How to Paint a Chalkboard Flower Pot

This tutorial explains to set up chalkboard paint flower pot by using acrylic craft paint with grout. Welcome spring and people to your home with this vibrant chalkboard paint flower pot idea. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: thecraftyblogstalker

Chalkboard Painted Box Lids:

Chalkboard Painted Box Lids 1

Try this darn easy and unbelievably inexpensive idea to set up your fall décor. The tutorial suggests using box lids for chalkboard paint DIY décor ideas. Hot the tutorial button to walk through the entire process.

Tutorial: stowandtellu

DIY Glass Bottles:

DIY Glass Bottles

Turn your empty glass bottles into crafted chalkboard paint glass bottles! This tutorial suggests how by using some chalkboard paint, you can turn your glass bottles into something spectacular. See the details in the tutorial section.

Tutorial: purelykatie

Chalkboard Photo Frame:

Chalkboard Photo Frame

Personalize your photo frame by decorating it with chalkboard paint! Scribble your heart out on it. All you need is some chalkboard spray paint, acrylic paint, basic photo frame, and some magic tape. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: thecraftables

DIY Perfect Chalkboard Lettering:

DIY Perfect Chalkboard Lettering

Use this DIY transfer technique to make this perfect DIY chalkboard lettering. The tutorial is equipped with everything you are going to need to make your writing, and your board stands out. See details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: damasklove

Mason Jar Coasters Chalkboard Paint:

Mason Jar Coasters Chalkboard Paint

This tutorial suggests to use mason jar lids to keep count of your coasters. This chalkboard paint mason jar lid is a brilliant idea to have creative coasters at one end and keep track of them at the other end. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: thehoneycombhome

Easy Cigar Box Chalkboard Paint:

Easy Cigar Box Chalkboard Paint

You can put your empty cigar boxes to great use crafting these chalkboard paint ideas! Set up your chalkboard cigar box painted and scribbled with your thoughts aloud. The tutorial will walk you through the steps with pictures.

Tutorial: hellolittlehome

Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard Paint:

How To Make A Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard Paint

This customized and detailed design kitchen chalkboard paint idea can upgrade your kitchen’s décor game. The tutorial will walk you through the steps with pictures. This will be one cute addition to your kitchen.

Tutorial: thecraftables

Chalkboard Paint Coffee Table:

Chalkboard Paint Coffee Table

Make this exciting and productive coffee table to keep your kids happily occupied indoor too. On a rainy day, this craft could come in really handy. Also, kids could eat and play at the same place! Kids love that.

Tutorial: burlapandblue

Chalkboard Paint Door:

Chalkboard Paint Door

Having a chalkboard paint door is both a traditional and modern addition to your décor. You can decorate the door as per the themes, events, or special days. The tutorial will walk you through the entire process with steps.

Tutorial: scissorsandsage

Teacher Appreciation Chalkboard Mason Jar Vases:

Teacher Appreciation Chalkboard Mason Jar Vases

If you’re still hunting for an excellent gift for teacher appreciation week, your search stops here. These chalkboard paint mason jars are the perfect personalized gift option to appreciate your own or your kid’s teachers for all the hard work.

Tutorial: blueistyleblog

Chalkboard Paint – Painted Frame:

Chalkboard Paint – Painted Frame

This tutorial elaborates how to craft this pretty customized chalkboard paint frame. All you’re going to need is wood frame, acrylic craft paint, paintbrushes, some alphabet adhesive a few other things. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: sewwoodsy

Chalkboard Painted Spice Jars:

Chalkboard Painted Spice Jars

These are one hell of a beautiful and minimalistic addition to your kitchen! Everyone would love these pretty name tagged spice jars. All you’re going to need is glass jars, chalkboard paint, and a painter’s brush and tape!

Tutorial: makeandtell

Chalkboard Paint Doodle Pumpkins:

Chalkboard Paint Doodle Pumpkins

Make these giant but catchy chalkboard paint pumpkins. You can even send these as gifts on next Halloween. The tutorial will walk you through the process with step by step guide explained with pictures.

Tutorial: blissbloomblog

Chalkboard Art Dresser:

Chalkboard Art Dresser

Organize and tag your craft dresser like never before! With this chalkboard paint craft dresser idea, you can keep your arts and crafts supplies organized and at their designated drawer places. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: thegunnysack

Chalkboard Window:

Chalkboard Window

This tutorial suggests that by using chalkboard paint, you can turn an ordinary old window into something spectacular. All you’re going to need is an old window, chalkboard paint, Clorox wipes, and foam brush.

Tutorial: theshabbycreekcottage

Interior Door Chalkboard:

Interior Door Chalkboard

By using chalkboard paint, you can turn an ordinary, boring door into something exciting. You can label the doors like “Do not disturb,” or “You may come in, but quietly.” Etc., Hit the tutorial section for details.

Tutorial: thedomesticdiva

DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator:

DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator

This chalkboard paint refrigerator is one marvelous idea and a vision itself. You can literally brighten up your old fridge by turning it into this better version. Use fridge magnets and labels, you’re going to get SO excited!

Tutorial: thekurtzcorner

Kitchen Chalkboard Clip Boards:

Kitchen Chalkboard Clip Boards

The problem with busy routines is that we often forget what we were supposed to buy for grocery supplies. Overcome this issue by crafting these kitchen chalkboards made on clipboards. Every time you run out of something, write it down.

Tutorial: andersonandgrant

DIY Chalkboard Cutting Board Decor:

DIY Chalkboard Cutting Board Decor

Craft this pretty DIY chalkboard cutting board by seeing the steps with pictures in the tutorial. This could be one cute gift as well. It’s extremely easy to make and will look adorable hanging on your kitchen’s wall.

Tutorial: decorchick

Chalkboard Stairs:

Chalkboard Stairs

Who knew that by using some chalkboard paint, you can create something so amazing out of your ordinary home. These chalkboard paint stairs can be your literal visualization of Love At Every Step! See details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: not2crafty

Chalkboard Serving Platter:

Chalkboard Serving Platter

Get creative with your serving platters! After this chalkboard paint idea, your guests won’t be able to forget your serving manners. Design this beauty and be the creativity guru in your gatherings. See details in the tutorial.

Tutorial: witandwhistle

Chalk Paint Mirror:

Chalk Paint Mirror

Re-do an old looking mirror using the chalk paint. You can theme it with your décor and instead of rushing out every time and buying something new to go with the renovation. Hit the tutorial button, see the steps with pictures.

Tutorial: sincerelysarad

Old Metal Tray Repurposed With Chalk Paint:

Old Metal Tray Repurposed With Chalk Paint

You can re-do you old, no purpose metal tray into something so catchy and classy. Use the chalk paint to cover its edges and chalkboard paint to write down your menus. From old metal try to new menu board!

Tutorial: artsychicksrule

Chalkboard Monogram Chalk Slate:

Chalkboard Monogram Chalk Slate

You can craft and gift this pretty cute chalkboard paint chalk slate. Just add a monogram on the chalkboard paint, and it’s good to go. Even set up these beauties for your family. Adorable dining seats set up too!

Tutorial: maisondepax

Chalkboard Mug And Plate:

Chalkboard Mug And Plate

Decorate your boring old crockery into something exciting each day! Just a portion of chalkboard paint can add fun and life to your casual meals or hasty breakfasts in the day. Hit the tutorial section and add fun to your lives!

Tutorial: shelterness

DIY Chalkboard Mugs:

DIY Chalkboard Mugs

Add these minimalistic but beautiful chalkboard paint cups to your crockery. They will leave this adorable impact on the guests and family too! Design different each day. Hit the tutorial for details.

Tutorial: witandwhistle

DIY Chalkboard Wreath:

DIY Chalkboard Wreath

By using a fiberboard and some other supplies, you can have this simple yet beautiful chalkboard paint door wreath. Your kids can do the design, or you can use multi-colors chalk and design something pretty every day!

Tutorial: number-2-pencil

DIY Chalkboard Painted Pots:

Best DIY Chalkboard Painted Pots

Label your plants and keep track of your collection. You can set up these chalkboard paint pots in an hour for your garden or backyard. Hit the tutorial button for details with step by step guide and pictures!

Tutorial: virginiasweetpea

Chalkboard Whale Wall Decor:

Chalkboard Whale Wall Decor

The tutorial suggests to cut out a piece shaped in whale from cardboard. You’ll be needing a jigsaw, piece of wood, chalkboard paint, pencil, marker, and a chalk. See the tutorial to get going and hang this beauty to upgrade your décor!

Tutorial: buzzfeed


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