20 DIY Jewelry Organizer & Storage Ideas

Women love jewelry but seeing the messed jewelry can really give them a headache. But with a little smartness and DIY skills, this problem can be solved easily on your own. So here we have brought to you these 20 DIY Jewelry Organizers And Storage Ideas. These ideas are going to make jewelry organizing super easy and fun for you. No more tangling of necklaces and earrings in your drawer or jewelry box as you can easily organize them by getting inspiration from these ideas. Instead of those expensive and fancy jewelry boxes, these easy and cheap ideas are so much fun to get your hands on.

These ideas show how you can change the common things from your surroundings and turn them into these amazing and genius jewelry organizers. You can use things like wooden tree branches, recycled wooden slats, vintage grills, wooden dowels, and pegboards. From your Bracelets and necklaces to your rings and earrings you can organize everything with these homemade jewelry organizers and the storage ideas. And also most of these jewelry organizers are going to mount up over the walls to save your not money and space too. So you are going to get the artistic appeal on your walls with these jewelry organizers too. Check out all these ideas with complete instructions and details via given links.

DIY Stick Jewelry Organizer:

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Give your jewelry organizer a lovely boost with this DIY stick jewelry organizer. Yes, a lovely jewelry organizing rack is made out of the salvaged wood to give you this gorgeous and rustic looking jewelry organizer. So grab some wooden pieces and wooden sticks or branches to shape up this lovely jewelry organizer. You can install it in your bedroom over your wall to get such a wow display. Details here!

Tutorial: rebeccasdiy

 Cutlery Drawer Organizer:

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Now you can save your chains and necklaces from getting tangled by organizing them in apple-pie order. Here is the idea of creating this lovely cutlery drawer organizer and get all your favorite neckpieces well organized. You need and IKEA cutlery tray, a bunch of knobs and the paint hues to shape up this lovely organizer on your own. Tutorial here!

Tutorial: thediymommy

DIY Industrial Jewelry Organizer:

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These DIY industrial jewelry organizers seem to come from a fancy brand but delightfully they are easily made at home. The stylish jewelry organizer would be no less than the pretty art pieces on your walls. So grab the supplies like knobs, wooden boards, aluminum sheets, and the milky white paint to shape up these cutest jewelry organizers. Details here!

Tutorial: cherishedbliss

DIY Vintage Cooking Grills:

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Experience the easiest and fun way to organize your jewelry with this idea of DIY vintage cooking grills. So take out your vintage cooking grills with holes and paint them in a vibrant shade. Then add hooks to the bottom of the grills and bind them together. Hang your jewelry inside the holes and the hooks and mount these grills over the walls. Details here!

Tutorial: thriftyrebelvintage

DIY Jewelry Stand:

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This boho styled DIY jewelry stand is going to win your hearts with its chic design for sure. The simple and totally cool looking DIY jewelry stand is made out of a wooden base, with stands of wooden dowels and to connect them together copper pipes have been used. Paint the wooden part in your desired hues for a more custom look. Details here!

Tutorial: diys

DIY Jewelry Storage:

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Now you can turn your jewelry organizing task into a fun task of art with this idea of the DIY jewelry storage. A-frame here has been turned into this gorgeous and decorative jewelry storage piece. The frame is installed with eye-hooks and the wire mesh pieces to organize your earrings and necklaces on. See the complete tutorial here!

Tutorial: blog.monaluna

DIY Driftwood Hanger:

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If you happen to find some driftwood around then do grab some as you can make the fun and functional things like these DIY driftwood hangers out of it. Yes, the colorfully painted piece of the driftwood has been turned into the jewelry organizer by adding some eye hooks to it at the bottom. You can hang this hanger in your bedroom, hall or even the foyer to carry your necklaces, chains, and even scarves. Details here!

Tutorial: thesweetestdigs

Simple Wood Border Organizer:

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You can now go simple and easy with your jewelry organizing task by working on this highly functional project of the wood border jewelry organizer. The basic structure of this organizer is made out of the plywood pieces and some wooden boards to create the boundary. The center is covered with the fabric and the top edge of the wooden border is installed with cup hooks to nicely hold your necklaces and earrings.

Tutorial: ngelamariemade

Antler Jewelry Display:

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Antlers have become a wide part of the wall décor for almost every home and now you can jazz up their fun and function. Yes, here is a lovely white antler wall art that you can use to proudly display your gorgeous and stylish jewelry pieces. This project of the antler jewelry display would suit best your bedroom walls. Details here!

Tutorial: goodcleanfuneating

DIY Bracelets Holder:

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If you are a bracelet lover then you must be a bracelet hoarder too. So here is the idea of this super unique yet useful DIY bracelet holder to organize your lovely collection of the bracelets on it. The unusual-looking bracelet holder is made out of the postal tube and would look great standing on your dresser too. Tutorial here!

Tutorial: cutoutandkeep

Pegboard Jewelry Organizer:

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Pegboards are the best things to use for all kinds of organizing items and so they are damn functional for the jewelry storage too. Here is the simplest idea of creating this lovely pegboard jewelry organizer for your bedroom to easily work on. You need a piece of pegboard, some pieces of the balsa wood, and the pegboard hooks to install this wall mounted jewelry organizer on your own. Get to know more here!

Tutorial: theinspiredhive

Simple Earrings & Bracelets Organizer:

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Now you can easily grab your earrings and bracelets while getting dressed up when you have this jewelry organizer with everything sorted on it. This gorgeous jewelry organizer has a pretty zig-zag design in multiple lengths and tiers to hold a bunch of your lovely earrings and pretty bracelets. Check out their making here!

Tutorial: diytomake

Bangle Holder DIY:

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It’s time to hold your bangles in apple-pie order and here is the idea of creating this lovely bangle holder DIY. The pretty bangle holder is really easy and fun to make with a wooden base and a wooden dowel. Just drill three holes in a wooden base and then adjust the wooden dowel pieces in them to hold the bangles. Keep it woodish or spray paint it in your favorite color.

Tutorial: thecentsiblelife

DIY Jewelry Organization Board:

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You can make this lovely DIY jewelry organization board for your dresser to get your jewelry all in one place. The pretty DIY jewelry organization board is easy to make with a wooden bulletin board, a burlap piece, and some pairs of cloth pins. This lovely board is going to look so pretty standing on your dresser or tables. Details here!


Unique Jewelry Organizer:

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You can make the most out of your knick-knack storage and making this unique jewelry organizer is the best. A wooden board here is converted into the gorgeous jewelry organizer with some fabric wrapping. Then add all broken knobs and the handles to use as the jewelry holders on this wooden board. You can make this jewelry organizer for anyone in the family too. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: lizmarieblog

Shadowbox Jewelry Holder:

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 No more issue with jewelry tangling when you can make such a gorgeous shadowbox jewelry holder on your own. Using some wooden pieces of board and the plywood sheet you can easily shape up this lovely shadow box if you cannot find one at the stores. Add small hooks and you are ready to flaunt your jewelry in style. Details here!

Tutorial: marthastewart

DIY Metal Sheet Jewelry Organizer:

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This lovely DIY metal sheet jewelry organizer can be yours at the cost of just a few pennies. You need a wooden frame and a decorative metal sheet. Paint up the wooden boundary in some vibrant paint hues and then add hooks to complete your organizer. This would make a really pretty gift idea too. Details here!

Tutorial: landeeseelandeedo

DIY Cuff Bracelet Holder:

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It’s time to show off your gorgeous collection of the cuff bracelet holder and that too with the cheapest of the items. A cardboard tube has been padded with fabric and corks for a sturdy look. Then grab a vintage metal candle holder to place this padded tubing on. You can easily make one and use it as the Holiday gift too. Follow the details here!

Tutorial: theletteredcottage

DIY Jewelry Organizer:

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You can make this pretty jewelry organizer on your own and get rid of your jewelry storage problems for good. An old bulletin board here has been turned into the pretty jewelry organizer with some decorative work on it. Yes, just cover the board with your favorite fabric and then add cup hooks to organize all your jewelry in apple-pie order. Follow the details here!

Tutorial: thefrugalhomemaker

Up-cycled Silverware Trays Jewelry Organizer:

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Give your rooms an updated look with this project of the up-cycled silverware trays jewelry organizer. Using the silverware containers you can shape up this lovely jewelry organizer. Just spray paint the containers and decorate them with the colorful scrapbook paper before putting them together as a jewelry organizer on the room walls. Details here!

Tutorial: tatertotsandjello


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