30+ DIY Things Kids Can Make And Sell

(DIY Things Make And Sell) One of the neediest things in bringing up the kids is to develop a sense of responsibility in them. Being responsible means to manage everything on our own, including the expenses and for that, we have to earn first. So the younger kids can start learning to earn small profits with crafty stalls and this time it would be the lemonade one. Making the most out of their crafty skills and artistic abilities the kids can create some fun and functional crafts to put on sale. Here we have rounded up 30+ DIY Things Kids Can Make And Sell that the kids can make and sell to feel satisfy the entrepreneurs in them.

These crafty ideas are super easy and so much fun to make with the least of the expenditure so that the kids have a margin for profit to earn some pocket money. They can make Handmade soaps, bath bombs, cute picture frames, decorative pencils, painted pots, and a lot more to fill up their crafty stall at a craft fair show. Also, these ideas are great to work up to open up a crafty booth around the home or at school on the market day. Cute birdfeeders, pretty bracelets, coasters, clay bowls, bookmarks, kids are so going to love to make these crafts and make people buy these beauties. Each of these crafty ideas comes with detailed tutorials so that you and your kids can easily learn to make them. Happy Earning to the Kids!

10-Minute DIY Lip Balm:

10 Minute DIY Lip Balm

This 10-minute DIY lip balm is easy enough to be made by the kids on their own. People would love to buy this handmade lip balm to cure their crack and dry lips. Things that you need to make these multi-flavored lip balms are the beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, and any of your favorite essential oil. Details here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft:

Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Here is another fun craft for the kids to make on their own. These cute and colorful airplane clothespin kid’s crafts are the best things to make on a hot Summer Day. The things needed to make these airplanes are colorful foam sticks and the clothespins with some glue and scissors. They can add these airplanes to their selling items list too.

Tutorial: diyinspired

Anthropologie Inspired Pencils:

Anthropologie Inspired Pencils

These gorgeous Anthropologie inspired pencils are the best things to make with your kids. The cute and colorful pencils with fringed tails are going to create a hot sale on their fair booth. So grab some plain pencils and wrap them with the colorful dotted tissue papers with cute fringed tails. Follow the details here!

Tutorial: carolynshomework

Beaded Napkin Rings:

Beaded Napkin Rings

Here is another cute and fun craft that your kids can do themselves and make a part of their craft fair to make some money out of. These cute and colorful beaded napkin rings are the best thing to make. You just need colorful beads and the thing wire to make a big bunch of these napkin rings. People would love to buy especially if the craft fair is around the holidays.

Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

Bring A Gift Of Spring:

Bring A Gift Of Spring

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Adding these gorgeous plants in the colorfully painted tin cans to the craft fair is a really genius idea for the kids. So give them a bunch of the empty tin cans and the pretty spring paint hues to create these pretty and cheap planter pots with some flower plants or succulents inside. Follow the details of this fun idea here!

Tutorial: dosfamily

Button Art Tree a Great Kids Craft:

Button Art Tree a Great Kids Craft

If there is a market day at school and you and your kids are looking for an idea then here is this easy and fun button art tree craft. Yes, they first need to paint a tree structure with stem and branches. Then cover the branches with these cute and colorful buttons leaves all over. The easy and fun details of the idea are here!

Tutorial: simplydesigning.porch

DIY Back To School Desk Organizer:

DIY Back To School Desk Organizer

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Instead of the lemonade stall let your kids arrange an art and craft stall to sell their handmade items and earn some profits. So here is the idea of creating this gorgeous and chic geometric designed back to the school desk organizer. The cute Desk Organizer has three sections and geometric shape painted sections and is made out of the foam board. Tutorial here!

Tutorial: lovelyindeed

DIY Clay Bowl:

DIY Clay Bowl

The little entrepreneurs can do some fun and functional art and crafts to sell and make some money on their own. These DIY clay bowls can be a hot selling item on their booth for being so cute, colorful, and useful. There is a variety of shapes, paint hues, and the stamps that can be used to customize these DIY Clay Jewelry Bowls.

Tutorial: frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

DIY Mermaid Inspired Bracelets:

DIY Mermaid Inspired Bracelets

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Kids have lots of time during the Summer Holidays to do fun art and crafts that they can sell to earn some money too. The girls can make these beautiful mermaids inspired bracelets using the colorful painted wooden beads and the ribbons. The ladies and girls would love to buy these and adorn them on their wrists for the fun summer looks.

Tutorial: flamingotoes

DIY Star Wars Soap:

DIY Star Wars Soap

Handmade items are the most favorite things on a fair show. So this time if you and your kids are going to own a stall you can make these DIY star wars soaps and they are going to interest a lot of people for being handy, funky, and skin-friendly. You need clear glycerin soap, essential oils, and the star war molds to create these lovely and fun soaps. Details here!

Tutorial: theshirleyjourney

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder:

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

Here is another fun and cute craft idea for the kids to work on. This DIY Teacup Bird Feeder is the perfect thing to make and enjoy a fun summer. The teacup and the saucer have been painted green and glued to each other. The kids can make and save this craft to later make it a part of their craft show. Details here!

Tutorial: seevanessacraft

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters:

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

(DIY Things Make And Sell) This DIY wool felt ball coasters idea is a great way to indulge your girls with you and learn some hospitality traits. These fun coasters are super easy to make with a few packs of the tiny wool felt pom balls, glue, and the circular corks. Also, It would make the very least amount and the efforts to make these coasters and earn some profit out of.

Tutorial: inspiredbycharm

DIY Woolly Monsters for Imaginative Play:

DIY Woolly Monsters for Imaginative Play

Here is another Fun Craft for you and your kids to do and have so much fun. These DIY woolly monsters are so damn easy and fun to make with some wool yarn in colorful hues and the googly eyes. The little ones are so going to love these monsters and have some imaginative play fun with them. Details of the idea here!

Tutorial: laughingkidslearn

Father’s Day Scrabble Tile Frame:

Father’s Day Scrabble Tile Frame

If the craft fair show that your kids are going to participate in is happening around the father’s day then here is an idea. The kids can make this pretty and cute father’s day scrabble tile frame to add in their craft booth or stall and make some money by selling it. The frame says Fantastic Father with scrabble tiles. Details here!

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft:

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft

Kids are really fascinated with the dragons and here is the super cute and fun fire breathing dragon craft to make for the summer fun. They would love to make this fire breathing dragon craft and then play with it for hours. Things needed to make this craft are the paper rolls, construction paper, pom pom balls, and tissue paper in fire colors. Details here!

Tutorial: onelittleproject

Friendship Bands:

Friendship Bands

There is a long list of the items that the kids need to make to set on their stall for the market day at school or at home. These cute and pretty friendship bands would make a great part of their sale. You just need colorful wools and work up your knitting skills to make these lovely and simple bands. Details here!

Tutorial: beafunmum

Handprint Suncatchers:

Handprint Suncatchers

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Summer craft fun is so undone without creating the lovely sun catchers and here is the idea of creating this lovely handprint suncatcher. This Suncatcher idea is quite unique quirky as it has been made out of a cookie-like dough from flour and water with a handprint, melted beads, and glitter. Follow the step by step details here!

Tutorial: homegrownfriends

Homemade Rainbow Soap With Kids:

Homemade Rainbow Soap With Kids

It’s time to take the summer craft fun on a high level by creating this lovely homemade rainbow soap with kids. The soap is made with a clear soap base, soap dyes, and essential oils. Also, the kids can sell these soaps on their summer craft stall. The easy and fun recipe of this cute rainbow soap is here!

Tutorial: artbarblog

How To Craft A Cute Binder:

How To Craft A Cute Binder

Here is another totally fun and functional idea to pull off with your kids. This gorgeous and cute binder is the best thing to make for anyone in the house who is struggling with their time management. Also, the kids can earn profit out of this craft by making it a part of their market day. The easy details of the idea are shared here!

Tutorial: homemadebycarmona

How to Make a Bunting Stained Glass:

How to Make a Bunting Stained Glass

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Your kids are going to fall in love with this project of the bunting stained glass. Yes, the gorgeous buntings are made at home and kids can easily work up this craft. Just grate some crayons and then melt them over the wax paper to later cut buntings out of it. These buntings are going to look so gorgeous on your porch especially when the sun rays would hit them. Details here!

Tutorial: artfulparent

How To Make A Wool Twistie:

How To Make A Wool Twistie

If your kids are up to making some business out of their crafts then they ought to have a basket of these cute and colorful wool twisties. Using the colorful wool strands they can make a bunch of these cute and colorful twisties that can be used for a lot of purposes. Easy and fun details of the wool twisties here!

Tutorial: happywhimsicalhearts

How To Make DIY Lush Bath Bombs:

How To Make DIY Lush Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are the favorite things for the ladies to purchase from any of the stores but they are expensive. So on your next stall venture, you can add these DIY Lush Bath Bombs and the ladies would love these handmade ones. They are easy and inexpensive to make giving you a margin of profit. Details here!

Tutorial: diyprojectsforteens

How to Make Melted Bead Suncatchers:

How to Make Melted Bead Suncatchers

Summer décor is so undone without the cute and fun sun catchers being the part of your porch and outdoor décor. So here is the idea of creating these adorable, cute, and colorful bead suncatchers. Yes, the simple pony beads in multi-color have been melted to get these awesome and cute sun catchers to hang around.

Tutorial: artfulparent

How To Make Robot Shaped Crayons:

How To Make Robot Shaped Crayons

Kids are in love with the crayons and the robot and thus they are going to fall hard for these robot shaped crayons. They are easy to make with the regular crayons being melted in the robot silicon molds in the oven. Kids can use this fun crafty idea for their craft fair or the market day too. Follow the easy details here!

Tutorial: bebehblog

Kid Crafted Paper Flowers:

Kid Crafted Paper Flowers

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Having cute and crafty pencils is the desire of every kid and now your kids can make and sell them around. Here are these super cute pencils with the flower embellishing. The kids can paint a paper with any of their favorite colors and then fringe it to form the cute flowers to decorate the pencils with. Details here!

Tutorial: thegirlcreative

Mason Jar Craft for Kids to Make as a Gift:

Mason Jar Craft for Kids to Make as a Gift

Help your kids to form the cutest and the most heartwarming gift idea for Father’s Day. So grab a mason jar and paint it green. Then let your kids handprint it with white. This is a cute and useful gift idea as the fathers can use these jars to organize a lot of their items to never lose them again. Details here!

Tutorial: fun-a-day

Mess-Free Glitter Slime Recipe:

Mess Free Glitter Slime Recipe

One of the things that is much in demand in the summers is the slime as the little ones love to play with it and pass their summertime with so much fun. So now you can make a batch of this glittered slime and sell it around and earn some money out of. This glittered slime is a great idea to add to your craft fair for the summers. Details here!

Tutorial: kindercraze

Milk Carton Birdhouse:

Milk Carton Birdhouse

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Kids love to make birdhouses and now they can make with the milk carton. Cut a home-like shape out of the milk carton and then decorate it up with the colorful tissue paper squares. It has been made to stand on the wall with the help of the wooden spoon. You can check out the details of the fun idea here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Old Fashioned Crafts:

Old Fashioned Crafts

The summer days when kids are at home all day you really need some fun crafts to do at home. Here is the idea of this old fashioned crafts to do with colorful yarn and the wooden branches to make a fun weaving art. Just make a cross of the wooden branches and then weave it up with the colorful yarn to pass your time with so much fun. Details here!

Tutorial: mylittlebookcase

Perler Bead Bowls:

Perler Bead Bowls

If your little entrepreneurs are up to handmade crafts to ear some profit then you should really be making these supercut perler bead bowls with them. These are going to be a fun thing for the buyers on your little one’s stall. They are super easy to make by just adding pearler beads to a glass bowl and then melting them in the oven. Details here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Pom Pom Rainbow Collage:

Pom Pom Rainbow Collage

Here is another super cute and fun idea for the kids to work on during their summer crafty fun. They can make this lovely rainbow but with a twist of the pom poms. Yes, they can first draw the rainbow and clouds on the paper and then fill them up with the mini cute wool felt pom pom balls. Follow the complete details of the idea here!

Tutorial: danyabanya

Pretty Paper Straw Tulip Craft:

Pretty Paper Straw Tulip Craft

Summer and spring crafts are all about the cute and colorful flowers and here is the idea of creating these absolutely cute and pretty paper straw tulips. Just cut tulip flower shapes out of the colorful paper with holes and then let the stripy straws go through these flower holes and complete them. Details of the cute idea are here!

Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

Quick & Easy Fathers Day Mug:

Quick Easy Fathers Day Mug

Girls are in huge love with their daddies and this father’s day they can make these cute mugs as the pretty gifts for them. So give them white mugs and the colorful sharpie markers and let them draw anything on the mugs that their hearts yearn out for. The daddies are going to be so happy to have these cute custom Mug Gifts.

Tutorial: littlebuttondiaries

Rad DIY Pen Holder Kids Can Make with LEGO:

Rad DIY Pen Holder Kids Can Make with LEGO

Lego is one of the favorite things for the kids to play with and if they are grown up and their lego are lying uselessly around then here is the craft for them. They can make this pretty and cute pen holder using the lego pieces and place it over their desks. This would also make a cute gift idea from them to the father or mother. Details here!

Tutorial: lalymom

Soda Bottle Flower Stamping:

Soda Bottle Flower Stamping

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Here is a great idea to use the empty soda bottle waters for a fun summer craft. Kids love creating flowers with paint and using the soda bottle bottom as the easy and fun flower stamp they can create a bunch of colorful flowers. This idea is also fun for girls and boys to stay busy for a while. Details here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Streamer Rainbows:

Streamer Rainbows

It is not summers if you and your kids have not got your hands dirty with a cute rainbow craft. So here is this pretty streamer rainbow to create out of easy and cheap crafty materials. The clouds are made with a half-cut paper plate and the cotton balls and the rainbow is created via colorful paper strips. Complete tutorial here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

Tie Dye Bookmark with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol:

Tie Dye Bookmark with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol

Handmade bookmarks are one of the most fun and functional crafts. Even your kids can make some super cool and pretty bookmarks on their own. Here are these gorgeous bookmarks made with the tie-dye technique using the colorful sharpies and the rubbing alcohol. Learn the details here to try it with your kids this summer.

Tutorial: happyhooligans

TP Roll Binoculars with Poppy Cat:

TP Roll Binoculars with Poppy Cat

If you have aspiring astronauts in the house who love to study the stars and galaxies then you must check out this idea. Yes, this TP toll binocular with a poppy cat is a great project to do with your galaxy lovers. You would need the empty toilet or kitchen rolls, paint, ribbons, and the decorative bits to work up these adorable binoculars. Details here!

Tutorial: redtedart

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets:

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets

(DIY Things Make And Sell) Bracelets are one of the most fun things that kids love to make and now they can quirk up the bracelet game with this project. Yes, these are the washi tape wooden bracelets that they can make for themselves and for their dear and near ones. They would need wooden craft sticks, colorful and pattern washi tape, and some yarn pieces to make a bunch of these bracelets.

Tutorial: mamamiss

Yarn Covered Pencil Pot:

Yarn Covered Pencil Pot

Let the kids decorate their desk on their own with some easy and cute crafts just like this yarn covered pencil pot. They can grab any of the empty pot, jar, or containers lying around and cover it with their favorite colored yarn all over. Add matching pom-poms to make it look more pretty and cute. This yarn pot is perfect to hold pencils and crayons. Details here!

Tutorial: sameliasmum


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