25+ Cool Things To Make With Papers

(DIY Crafts With Paper) Gone are the days when the papercrafts were only to revolve around the flowers, planes, and the kites. With a variety of crafty papers available in the market, there is a whole world of new crafts to let you indulge again with the paper. Here we have brought to you this bunch of the 25+ Cool Things To Make With Papers. Also, these paper crafts are as much fun for the adults as for the kids. So if you are looking for some crafts to get hooked to with your kids then these quirky and cute paper crafts are the best. These crafts are unique, versatile, and totally cool to fall in love with their making and the end results as well.

(DIY Crafts With Paper) Making cute heart garland from the simple paper, pretty Candleholder holders from the origami paper, cute envelopes, bows, and paper fans from the colorful and cute scrapbook papers is going to be so much fun. Also, you are going to find some cute and funky crafts to do with the colorful post it’s like making a pretty owl piñata and placemat cards for the party. Kids would love to do the paper crafts like ladybug wind swinging, paper bag Frankenstein costume for the Halloween, paper butterflies, paper fans, and the fun fortune play games. You can find the detailed tutorial of all these papercrafts with the details given right below.

Alphabet Punchboard Paper Heart Garland:

Alphabet Punchboard Paper Heart Garland

Even you can go cheap with your décor for a party and get some superb results just like this alphabet punch board paper heart garland. The garland is made out of the red and pink hearts and the tassels. Cut out U shapes from red and pink paper and glue them together to form the hearts. Get more details here!

Tutorial: damasklove

Cool Origami Candle Holder:

Cool Origami Candle Holder

(DIY Crafts With Paper) Here is the simplest and the coolest idea of getting the cutest and the cheapest candle holders with origami paper. So get your hands on some colorful origami paper and make with a few folds and twists you can make these petty origami candle holders. They are going to look so cute and fun resting on your tabletops.

Tutorial: sas-does.blogspot

DIY Desk Organizer:

DIY Desk Organizer

Now the kid can make the desk organizers themselves with the empty toilet rolls. Give them some empty tissue rolls and the colorful origami paper to wrap around the rolls with some decorative gems and beads. These are going to look so good resting on the desktop and holding the stationery items.

Tutorial: designimprovised

DIY Wrapping Paper Bunting:

DIY Wrapping Paper Bunting

Here is the easy and fun idea of creating this super cute and funky looking DIY wrapping paper bunting. Just cut out buntings from the old cereal box and wrap them with the paper which has colorful polka dots all over. Then get glitter sheet to cut out letters Happy HOLIDAY and glue them separately on each Bunting. Details here!

Tutorial: centsationalstyle

Easy Paper Watermelon Fans:

Easy Paper Watermelon Fans

(DIY Crafts With Paper) Summer crafts are so undone without the fun watermelon crafts and this time you can make this lovely paper watermelon fans. Grab some pink paper and add green washi tape at its edges. Then get a black marker and create dots all over the paper to create seeds. Then fold and add sticks and the cute fan is ready.

Tutorial: damasklove

Easy Pinata – Paper Bags And Post-its:

Easy Pinata – Paper Bags And Post its

Here is another fun and crazy craft to do with your kids and that too with the cheapest of the materials. Using the brown paper bag the basic owl shape has been created. Then the whole paper owl is decorated with colorful post its 3M to look just so catchy and cool. Kids would love doing this project with you.

Tutorial: redtedart

Easy Tiny Envelopes:

Easy Tiny Envelopes

There is a lot of fun and functional things that you can make out of the paper just like these cute and colorful tiny envelopes. Just trace out a template of a mini envelop and then use it to cut out cute and cool envelopes from the cardstock, magazines, maps, and more. You can use them to gift some money to the kids. Details here!

Tutorial: poppytalk

Göra Egna Placeringskort Med Glasstrutar:

Göra Egna Placeringskort Med Glasstrutar

Now you can make your own placemat cards for the tables for a party, dinner or the wedding. These gorgeous paper placemat cards are easy to make out of the paper and marker. Decorate them via gorgeous paper flowers and the cornetto cones and some pretty glass jars. Follow the complete tutorial here!

Tutorial: helenalyth

Halloween Costumes Kids Can Make – Frankenstein:

Halloween Costumes Kids Can Make Frankenstein

Now your kids can make themselves a perfect costume just like this beautiful and quirky Halloween Frankenstein costume. They just need a paper and the paint to create the Frankenstein face over the paper bag. This would be a cool project to do and then adorn as a costume. Details are given here! (DIY Crafts With Paper)

Tutorial: redtedart

How To Cut A Heart Out Of Paper:

How To Cut A Heart Out Of Paper

If you love doing paper crafts then knowing to cut out a heart is the most important thing to do. Here is this easy to cut a heart out of a paper project so that you can easily learn to create hearts and use them in a lot of other fun paper art and craft projects. You would need some colorful paper, marker, and the scissor to do this project.

Tutorial: tinkerlab

How to Make a Folded Paper Butterfly:

How to Make a Folded Paper Butterfly

If you are looking for a fun and easy craft to do for your kids then here is the idea of creating this folded paper butterfly. They would love making these cute and fun butterflies with patterned paper, butterfly template, and the floral wire. These butterflies can be used to have fun play sessions, for some décor and for gift embellishing too. Details here!

Tutorial: meaningfulmama

How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller:

How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

We all have played the paper fortune teller game in our childhood and now you can share this memory with your kids too. So grab some paper and the colorful markers to make this pretty paper fortune teller and play indulge in some time with your kids. Once learned from you, the kids can share this game with their fellows too.

Tutorial: boyslife

How to Make a Pocket Folding Fan:

How to Make a Pocket Folding Fan

Here is the perfect project for the kids to do at home this summer and that is making this pocket folding fan. Using the white paper and two sticks you can easily make this pretty pocket folding fan. The fun part is doing the colorful sketching and painting on the fan to make it look more fun and custom. Details here!

Tutorial: gluesticksblog

How To Make A Wobbler Card:

How To Make A Wobbler Card

This time of festive you can make the perfect wish cards for your near and dear ones. Here is the idea of creating these gorgeous wobbler cards to easily make at home and spread so much happiness via them. You need Glitter sheets, colorful paper, and markers to make these amazing wobbler cards at home. Details here!

Tutorial: iheartmaggie

How To Make Paper Flowers:

How To Make Paper Flowers

Bring the perfect beauty and fun summer vibes to your homey walls with these paper flowers. The giant size of the flowers and their gorgeous colors are the best so enchanting and delighting. You would need a circuit to make these beauties of paper flowers and here are the details of doing it easily at home.

Tutorial: by-pink

How To Make Paper Mache:

How To Make Paper Mache

Now you can make the most out of the wasted paper lying in your house by making this super fun paper mache. Making this paper mache would be a fun thing to pass your time on a summer noon. Things needed to make this paper mache are old newspaper, flour, water, salt, and some paint to decorate it up. Details of the idea here!

Tutorial: goodtoknow

Make Pyramid Paper Pouches:

Make Pyramid Paper Pouches

If you need some party favor ideas for your next party then making these cute and colorful pyramid paper pouches is the best thing. You can easily cut out and shape up these colorful paper pouches and then fill them with candies and the chocolates and your cute mini gifts and favors are ready. Details here!

Tutorial: omiyageblogs

Origami Ball – Kusudame:

Origami Ball Kusudame

Origami papers are the best things to make when you crave some papercraft. This time you can make this lovely origami ball and use it for the décor of your party. This one is made with the black and the red origami paper and you can customize it with your own paper colored papers. Follow the folding technique of the origami ball here!

Tutorial: instructables

Origami Post-it Box:

Origami Post it Box

From the colorful post-it origami, you can make these cutest and most delightful paper crafts which are the mini boxes. With a few folds and twists, you can easily work up these cute and mini boxes and then use them to make the lovely gifs by putting some coins, folded dollar bills, or chocolates too. Get the details here!

Tutorial: instructables

Paper Bag Fruit:

Paper Bag Fruit

Go fruity with your art and craft sessions with this paper bag fruit idea. The fun guava and apples are so much fun to make with paper waste, paper bags, and some paint. You can also indulge your kids to make these pretty fruits and have so that you can spend some quality time with them. Details of the idea right here!

Tutorial: krokotak

Paper Bow Templates:

Paper Bow Templates

If you love packing your gifts at home then here is the idea of the lovely paper bows that you can use to add some pretty value to the gifts. So grab some pretty and colorful paper to make these lovely bows using the template. Not only gifts you can use them on the straws, and for other party plans too. Details here!

Tutorial: liagriffith

Paper Fan Garland Tutorial:

Paper Fan Garland Tutorial

Bring some summer beauty to your spaces this time with this paper fan garland tutorial. Using the lovely colored scrapbook paper you can make these round shaped paper fans in multiple sizes. Once the fans are done put these fans together in the form of a garland using a ribbon. You can use this idea for the party décor too.

Tutorial: craftaholicsanonymous

Paper Mache Patchwork Turtle:

Paper Mache Patchwork Turtle

It’s time to have some paper fun with your kids this weekend. Making this paper mache patchwork turtle is the best thing to work on with your kids in a homey crafty session. You would need paper, newspaper, Cardboard, and the empty tissue rolls to make this super cute and fun turtle. Step by step details here!

Tutorial: aboutfamilycrafts

Paper Wheels Tutorial:

Paper Wheels Tutorial

Here is another great tutorial for the décor of a girly themed party. This gorgeous bunch of the paper wheels is going to bring oodles of charm to the wall décor for your little one’s birthday party. You need craft paper in pink and blue, craft sticks, and the glue to easily make these pretty and fun paper wheels to show off on walls.

Tutorial: celebrate-always

Swirling Twirling Ladybugs:

Swirling Twirling Ladybugs

Here is another great way to enjoy the summer wind with these cute and colorful handmade ladybugs. You need some colorful cardstock, black paint, a sponge stamp in the round, glue, and the thread to make these super cute and colorful ladybugs. The kids would love to make these, tie them on trees, and enjoy the swirling and twirling in the wind. Details here!

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms:

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms

Bring the spring in your spaces with this tissue paper cherry blossoms which are easy and fun to make at home. Just take tissue papers in hot and light pink colors. Fold the tissue papers into squares and then cut out five-petal flowers from them to be glued on the wooden branch. This cherry blossom is going to look stunning resting in your vases on the tabletops.

Tutorial: sarahndipities.indiemade

Uber-Cute Origami Mermaid:

Uber Cute Origami Mermaid

Summer fun is so undone without bringing mermaids in the summer fun in one way or the other. This time you can make this uber cute origami mermaid and a sunny summer afternoon. Things needed to make this lovely and happy looking mermaid are origami paper, sharpie markers, and the basic crafty tools and supplies.   Details here!

Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

Wall Of Love:

Wall Of Love

Here is how you can make your walls look so pretty and fun with this craft of the wall of love. Just take some decorative paper and with a few cuts and folds, you can easily make these cute little hearts with pockets. Then write some messages on the chits and put them inside the heart pockets for the family. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: minted

Wrapping Paper Book Covers:

Wrapping Paper Book Covers

(DIY Crafts With Paper) If you are looking for some gift ideas then making these wrapping paper book covers is the best thing to get your hands on. So get your hands on decorative and colorful papers to make the covers of the books, notebooks, and diaries. The fun thing about these book covers is that they have pockets to hold dollar bills, pencils, and more.

Tutorial: eighteen25

Wrapping Paper Placemats:

Wrapping Paper Placemats

You are going to fall in love with these wrapping paper placemats for being so natural and ethereal. These wrapping paper placemats are the part of a woodland theme for having wooden grain and texture. So this Christmas you can get your hands on these lovely wrapping paper placemats with the perfect plan right here! (DIY Crafts With Paper)

Tutorial: oleanderandpalm


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