25 Best DIY Summer Crafts For Tweens

(Crafts For Tweens) Teenage is the period when kids have their creative abilities at the peak. Their creativity pinches them to do one thing or the other. So you should have some crafts ready to let the kids use physical energy and put their creativity in some positive direction. So here we have these 25 Best DIY Summer Crafts For a Tweens to get some inspiration for their skill boosting and talent grooming. In summers the kids have the freest time so these crafts are the best to keep them busy and entertained on a daily basis. But not only for the summers these crafts are best to try all year long too.

Emoji are in trend these days so the tweens can make these emojis using the pearler beads and use them as the key rings. Making colorful and cute kitten themed jars to organize their stationery on the desk. Tween girls can make lovely floral and beads bracelets for themselves and for their friends too. The kids are going to love the yarn crafts and feel so much proud by hanging them over the home walls. Let them do some tie and dye crafts to make some funky and cool t-shirts. Indulge them in making bath bombs that you can use as the perfect gifts for mother’s day. There are such awesome projects like painting shells, making fairy houses, kites, marble games, and more. Just get your hands on the crafts and tutorial links right below.

DIY Emoji Perler Bead Keychains:

DIY Emoji Perler Bead Keychains

Get your tweens busy for the summers with this DIY emoji perler bead keychains. It would not only let them pass time and have fun also improve their skills. Emojis is the part and parcel of today’s modern life. So grab those pearlers in yellow, black, white, and blue to make these lovely and versatile keychains. They would love making these lovely key chains and using them as the gifts around.

Tutorial: frugalfun4boys

DIY Animal Painted Mason Jars:

Easy DIY Animal Painted Mason Jars

Let your tweens help you to organize their crafting desk with this super cute and adorable idea of the DIY animal painted mason jars. The cute little mason jars have been used to organize the lovely crafty supplies and the materials. The jars have been painted with cute animal themes using acrylic paints. Your tweens can choose their favorite animals to paint on the jars for the custom fun. Details here!

Tutorial: colormadehappy

Homemade Air Dry Modelling Clay Recipe:

Simple DIY Homemade Air Dry Modelling Clay Recipe

Kids love to play with the clay and if you have tweens at home then making your own clay would be so much fun. The clay is made at home using the baking soda, corn starch, and water. They can make the pretty clay first and then make this lovely bunch of pendants. When the pendants are dry, you can pain them and complete them as the necklace using colorful cords. Details here!

Tutorial: childhood101

Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet Craft for Kids:

Make A DIY Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet Craft for Kids

Let the kids be busy this summer and make this gorgeous bunch of colorful flower bracelets for their own self and the friends. You need colorful tissue papers to cut out in the shape of petals and then make pretty flowers out of them. Then take some colorful pipe cleaners and the beads to get them through the flowers and complete your bracelet. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

DIY Yarn Painting:

How To Make Your Own DIY Yarn Painting

Kids love to paint and now you can enjoy this totally unique and fun idea of the DIY yarn painting. Yes, they can do painting with the colorful yarn instead of the colorful paint hues. To do these pretty paintings you would need a simple paper, a self-adhesive paper, colorful yarn, and the scissors. From cute emoji designs to some pretty swirly patterns these paintings are super creative to do.

Tutorial: picklebums

DIY Tie Dye Beach Towels:

Create A DIY Tie Dye Beach Towels

Let your little ones have some tie-dye fun this summer by making these adorable DIY tie-dye beach towels. So if you are going to the beach this summer then funk up your towels with some tie-dye and make them beach-ready. As the little ones are doing this project with you so let them decide the colors for the towels too. Check out the details here!

Tutorial: momendeavors

DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Science:

How To Create A DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Science

Now you can enjoy the tie-dye fun with your kids but without any mess and the stains. Here is this shirt gave the pretty tie-dye look but using the sharpie markers. Yes the sharpie colors on the shirt have been turned into the tie-dye effect using the isopropyl alcohol and thus it would be a fun science project to perform with your kids. Details here!

Tutorial: playdoughtoplato

DIY Kid Art Tote Bags:

Create Your Own DIY Kid Art Tote Bags

Summers are the best times to get your kids busy with you with some fun and funky crafts. So here is the idea of giving a makeover to the tote bags with your kids and make them look all chic and fun. You will need white tote bags, fabric markers in the desired colors, and the masking tape. Let the creativity of your little ones come out through marker on the tote bag. More details here!

Tutorial: smallfriendly

DIY Citrus Bath Bombs:

Cute DIY Citrus Bath Bombs

Citrus fruits are so healthy for our skin too. So now you and tween girls can make these yummy and skin-nourishing DIY citrus bath bombs. They are super easy to make with the basic bath bomb ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, citrus essential oil, green mica powder, corn starch, and more. Check out the complete recipe of these cute round-shaped bath bombs right on the link here!

Tutorial: mamainstincts

DIY Painted Sea Shells With Puffy Paint:

How To Make DIY Painted Sea Shells With Puffy Paint

Paint is like the best friend of the kids for the summers and here is the idea of creating this lovely DIY painted seashells and that too using the puffy paint. Bring them puffy paints in all the hues and they would love creating their favorite designs and patterns on the simple shells and turning them into this beautiful and colorful art. Learn more here!

Tutorial: colormadehappy

DIY Washer Necklaces:

Beautiful DIY Washer Necklaces

Every house has some washers lying around in any of their drawers and its time to take them out for some fun craft. Yes, you can little girls would love to make these adorable DIY washer necklaces. All you need to do is paint up your washers and then cord them up with some colorful yarn and the necklaces are ready. The girls would love using these handmade necklaces as lovely gifts. Details here!

Tutorial: smallforbig

DIY Pineapple Candles:

How To DIY Pineapple Candles

Give your summer home the fruity glow of these DIY pineapple candles. These adorable and cute pineapple candles are easy to be made by the kids themselves and have some fun. The jars are filled with the yellow-colored wax and the outer surface has been given the black pineapple spot look. The lid of the jars is painted green and embellished more with the green cut out felt leaves. Follow the details right here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

DIY Free Printable Comic Book Templates:

DIY Free Printable Comic Book Templates

If your little ones are interested in the comic books then make them these DIY free printable comic book templates. They not only would learn reading and writing but also get creative at storytelling too. Also, it would be loads of fun with the colors too. So do get your hands on this fun project and let your have so much fun. Details here!

Tutorial: picklebums

DIY Handprint Doodle Art:

Simple DIY Handprint Doodle Art

Encourage your kids for the doodle art with these DIY handprint doodle art idea and they would love it. Also you need a little list of the supplies to make it. So get your hands on the colorful construction paper, sharpie markers, scissors, and the glue stick. Both the boys and the girls would love getting their hands on this fun doodle art. Details here!

Tutorial: thecrafttrain

Fold Paper Ninja Stars:

How To Create A Fold Paper Ninja Stars

The mothers are always looking for activities that can not only keep their kids busy also enhance their skills too. So here is the idea of creating these folded paper ninja stars to make and have so much fun with. You need colorful papers and the sharpie markers to shape up these pretty starts with easy folding and twisting techniques. Follow the details here!

Tutorial: frugalfun4boys

Easy DIY Contact Paper Mandalas:

Easy DIY Contact Paper Mandalas

Let your kids be super busy with a fun activity of making these lovely and easy DIY contact paper mandalas. The project is quite easy to do with the round-shaped mandala template that is to be decorated with colorful contact paper in multiple shapes. From teens and tweens to little ones everyone can enjoy making these lovely paper mandalas for the summer home.

Tutorial: picklebums

How to Make Your Own DIY Kite:

How to Make Your Own DIY Kite

The breezy summers are best enjoyed with the kite flying and now you can make your own kites at home. Using some old newspaper, some colorful paper, wooden dowels, and the string you can easily work up this lovely kite. So let your kids be high on the fun by flying these handmade cute kites. The tweens are going to love this activity of making and flying. Details here!

Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

DIY Fairytale Terrarium:

How To Make DIY Fairytale Terrarium

Bring fairies to your home this summer with this lovely DIY furniture terrarium project. The gorgeous DIY fairytale terrarium is super easy to make with a bunch of easy supplies that you can get from a thrift store. So grab the round shaped glass jars, a bunch of succulent plants and flowers, a pack of pebbles, stones, and fairy tale figurines. Check out the complete details here!

Tutorial: mylittlebookcase

DIY Host A Tween Art Party:

Create Your Own DIY Host A Tween Art Party

Here is the idea of hosting a DIY tween art party and making their summers much more fun. The art and craft theme would let the kids unleash their creativity and the skills to make any of their favorite crafts. So load the party tables with things like beads, buttons, paint, flowers, gems, stones and so much more. Catch out more details of the idea right here to arrange a party easily at home!

Tutorial: happyhooligans

DIY Marble Run With Craft Sticks:

Build A DIY Marble Run With Craft Sticks

To make your kids busy at home you can make them this lovely DIY marble run with the craft sticks. The easy and fun game is easy to make with a few things only. The base is made with an empty cardboard box, the game paths for marble run is made with the craft sticks.  They can spend hours making the colorful marbles run through the mazes. Details here!

Tutorial: frugalfun4boys

Vintage Sheet & Lace Doily Dream Catcher:

Simple DIY Vintage Sheet Lace Doily Dream Catcher

This intricate and gorgeous dream catcher is made out of the vintage sheet and the lace and looks just so eye-catching and cute. So, boost up the summer home décor of yours with these lovely vintage sheets and lace doily dream catcher. Choose the colors of the doilies and the laces that compliment the summer home décor. Follow the details of the idea right here!

Tutorial: happinessishomemade

DIY Matchbox Unicorn Notebook:

DIY Matchbox Unicorn Notebook

The kids would love making this super cute and fun looking DIY matchbox unicorn notebook. With a few numbers of supplies and the craft material, you can easily shape up this lovely DIY matchbox unicorn notebook for your little ones. So grab matchbox, colorful craft paper, wool yarn, scissors, and pens. Even big kids can enjoy making these notebooks. Details here!

Tutorial: redtedart

DIY Rose Watercolor Resist Art Project:

DIY Rose Watercolor Resist Art Project

The kids can enjoy a bunch of the fun projects in their free summertime with projects like this DIY rose watercolor resist art. The gorgeous rose templates are filled with a bunch of gorgeous paint hues that are water-resistant. You can make this lovely DIY rose watercolor resist art project easily at home with your tweens. Details here!

Tutorial: artfulparent

Easy DIY Ladybug String Art:

Easy DIY Ladybug String Art

We love summers for so many reasons and flowers and ladybugs are one of them. You need wooden boards, nails, and the string in red and black yarn to shape up this lovely and cute DIY ladybug string art. You can use them on your garden walls as the perfect garden décor. You can make this easy ladybug string art with your kids to have some fun. Details here!

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

DIY Infinity Cube Fidget Toy:

How To DIY Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Kids love fidget toys and now you can help them make one too. Here is the idea of making this DIY infinity cube fidget toy using an easy list of supplies. This lovely DIY infinity cube fidget toy is made with 8 wooden cubes. The cute cube fidget is decorated with a bunch of cute watercolors and this is the best part. Tutorial here!

Tutorial: momsandcrafters


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