25+ DIY Cool Wood Projects For Guys

(Wood Projects For Guys) The cool thing about these wood projects is that they are not the usual furnishing wood projects for the house but some unusual wooden items to beautify and organize your homey spaces. So if the men in the house have done enough with the projects like wooden beds, headboards, chairs, and tables then these cool wood projects for guys are going to give you a break from the boring wooden projects and bring some fun to your craftsmanship.

They can help the ladies to sort out the storage problems at home by creating some cool wooden chests, modernly arranged wooden shelves on the walls and the entrance locker organizers. Then there are 25+ DIY Cool Wood Projects For Guys to be done with the wooden scarp like creating nameplates with planter pockets, chess games, charging stations, wall photo frames, and more. Also, there are ideas to please their wives by creating things like a wooden spoon, a textured wooden serving tray, and chalkboards for the kitchen. Not the only wife, delight up your daughters by making them cute mud kitchens with back shelves too. There are so many more fun and quirky things to make and enjoy and for that you need to check out the list right below.

Build a Painting Bench:

Build a Painting Bench

Here is this lovely painting bench to be a part of your home and bring more feasibility in your routines. You can grab some wood to make this easy peasy bench in just four hours. You can use it to sit on, as a table and also the kids can have it in their rooms. Learn the details of this painting bench here!

Tutorial: familyhandyman

Cedar Chest Plans:

Cedar Chest Plans

If You need some storage space in your home then creating this cedar chest is the best thing to create a permanent storage solution. Using the cedar planks in vertical and horizontal lengths you can easily work up this pretty cedar chest to store almost anything. Also, it is going to look so rich and rustic for your décor too. Details here!

Tutorial: mycarpentry

Cedar Treasure Chest:

Cedar Treasure Chest

(Wood Projects For Guys) If you love wooden items then you are going to fall in love with this cute mini cedar treasure chest. You can easily craft it out of the cedarwood and use it as the perfect décor piece on your table. Additionally, you can store your keys, coins, and other knick-knack items inside this mini wooden chest too. Details here!

Tutorial: instructables

Cub Scout Wood Projects – Build a Chest:

Cub Scout Wood Projects Build a Chest

If you have cub scouts in your home who are preparing for the fun summer camps then this project is for you. Build this pretty and fun super functional wooden chest for your cub scouts so that they can use it to hold their camping tools and supplies. The whole chest is made out of the wood with rope handles. Details here!

Tutorial: cubscoutideas

DIY Address Number Wall Planter:

DIY Address Number Wall Planter 1

If you have some space left blank on your front door then fill it beautifully and functionally with this DIY address number wall planter.  Using some wooden planks you can create this number plate with a pocket to plant some succulents inside. The house numbers are made out of the metal and you can grab it from the thrift store.

Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

DIY Bathroom Deodorizer:

DIY Bathroom Deodorizer

You can make this pretty DIY bathroom deodorizer to gain multi-benefits in your bathroom. The gorgeous wooden vase has a lovely eucalyptus plant to bring décor and good smell in your spaces. It has a secret drawer at the back with baking soda to absorb essential oils and give everyone aromatherapy with every bathroom visit. Follow the tutorial here!

Tutorial: uglyducklinghouse

DIY Box Shelves:

DIY Box Shelves

Bring some freshness to your spaces with this gorgeous idea of the DIY box shelves that you can easily install on your own. With the multiple sized wooden planks being rustically stained you can create this pretty unit of the box shelves with the desired arrangement. From books and vases to planter boxes and artifacts you can house everything on these lovely box shelves.

Tutorial: familyhandyman

DIY Easy Farmhouse Style Frame:

DIY Easy Farmhouse Style Frame

It’s time to freshen up your living room décor and adding some farmhouse beauty to your spaces would be great. Here is this DIY easy farmhouse style photo frame to add on the living room walls with the cutest photos of your babies. Using the thin planks and panels of the reclaimed wood you can easily install this pretty farmhouse frame with some funky paint hues.

Tutorial: hertoolbelt

DIY Knockoff Chalkboard Shelf:

DIY Knockoff Chalkboard Shelf

Your homey walls are so undone without the wooden shelves. Here is the simple and most traditional looking shelf but with the twist of the chalkboard. Yes, the gorgeous and rustic looking shelf has Chalkboard Paint inside that would let you write and draw so many fun things on it and make it look more fun. Learn the tutorial right here!

Tutorial: sawsonskates

DIY Phone Charging Station Dresser Valet:

DIY Phone Charging Station Dresser Valet

If you can work with wood then you must make this DIY Phone charging station and bring so much ease to your daily life. The gorgeous wooden phone charging station is a great thing to have and get multiple phones and tabs charged at one time. Also, it is going to look so gorgeous resting on your tabletops. Learn to make it here!

Tutorial: pinspiredtodiy

DIY Play Kitchen with Back Wall:

DIY Play Kitchen with Back Wall

(Wood Projects For Guys) Looking for a birthday gift for your little doll? If yes then make this pretty and fun DIY play kitchen with a back wall shelf and the girls would be more than happy. The cute kitchen is a fun play station for the little chefs in the house. The back shelf wall is painted like a rainbow with mini shelves to let the kids hold their mini kitchen items on them. Details here!

Tutorial: ana-white

DIY Weekly Meal Planning Menu Board:

DIY Weekly Meal Planning Menu Board

One of the hardest things for the mommies in the house is meal planning. So here is the idea of this DIY weekly meal planning menu board to sort out this problem so decoratively. Yes, this menu board has seven chalkboard frames hooked on it where you can write and draw your menu for yourself and for the whole family. Follow the tutorial here!

Tutorial: realitydaydream

DIY Wood Stake Door Mat:

DIY Wood Stake Door Mat 1

This wooden DIY stake doormat ought to be on your next to-do list as it has so many benefits. This wooden doormat is big and would not absorb dirt and thus creating less mess. Also, the wooden appeal and natural texture of the doormat is going to add oodles of charm and welcoming vibes to your home décor. Grab the tutorial here!

Tutorial: remodelaholic

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve:

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

Here is how you can bring more improvement to your living room spaces with this idea of the DIY wooden couch sleeves. Using wooden slats you can easily create these functional wooden couches with a glowing wooden textured look. It would be easy to hold drinks and snacks on this wooden sleeve and save your sofa arm from any of the stains.

Tutorial: uglyducklinghouse

Easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard for the Kitchen:

Easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard for the Kitchen

Make your routines much easier with this easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard for the kitchen. You can add your tasks and reminder to this magnetic board and write some fun quotes on the chalkboard to make every day fresh for the family.  Also, it got hooks at the bottom to let your hang some of your possessions. This magnetic chalkboard is best to have in your kitchen or entrance.

Tutorial: anikasdiylife

Easy Scrap Wood Photo Display Gifts:

Easy Scrap Wood Photo Display Gifts

You can make this gorgeous photo display for your home to display the family pictures, especially for the festive season. Using the thin wooden slats or plank pieces you can easily install this simply structured photo display. Using the clips and the favorite photos of the family you can adorn this picture display frame and show it off your walls. Easy details of the idea here!

Tutorial: ana-white

Entryway Storage Locker and Organizer:

Entryway Storage Locker and Organizer

Get your entry spaces organized in the most gorgeous and stylish way with this storage and locker organizer project. Using the wood you can work up this super functional storage locker and organizer for your entrance. It can house shoes, jackets, gaming items, and more and keep your entryway nice and clean. Follow the tutorial here!

Tutorial: familyhandyman

House Numbers Vertical Planter from Cedar Fence Pickets:

House Numbers Vertical Planter from Cedar Fence Pickets

Let every one that passes by your front door, stay for a while to stare at this gorgeous house number vertical planter from cedar fence pickets. So grab these fence pickets and paint them in chocolate brown for that much enchanting look. Add a cute little planter box at the bottom with succulents and metal house numbers on the top. Grab complete details of the idea here!

Tutorial: ana-white

How to Build a Basket Stand:

How to Build a Basket Stand

Make the most out of your storage baskets with this stylish and durable wooden basket stand. Using the thin wooden slat pieces you can easily work up this square-shaped basket stand to nicely house your Baskets inside. The reason behind the neat and clean construction of this stand without any hooks is the use of a biscuit joiner. Catch complete details of this basket stand here!

Tutorial: familyhandyman

How to Build a Chess and Checkerboard:

How to Build a Chess and Checkerboard

If chess is the loved game in your family then build this chess and checkerboard on your own that can be played on for years. The chess and the checkerboard are made out of the eight wooden strips being glued to each other. Four of the wooden strips are of darker color and four of light. This would be a great project to do with your kids. Catch step by step details of the idea here!

Tutorial: popularmechanics

How To Build A Wood Box:

How To Build A Wood Box

(Wood Projects For Guys) Either you need to store your kid’s toys in his room or you need a blanket organizer for your bedroom this wooden box is the best solution to your storage problems. Even you can use it in the entrance spaces to pour all your knick-knacks in it and make your spaces look all clear and welcoming. Complete details of this wooden box here!

Tutorial: woodworkingcorner

How to Make a Wooden Spoon, the Viking Way:

How to Make a Wooden Spoon the Viking Way

Bring some wooden beauty in your kitchen with these gorgeous and durable spoons. The quirky thing about these cute wooden spoons is that they are made out of the wooden logs and also using the Viking wooden handmade tools. You can make a set of spoons to use as the perfect handmade and heartwarming gift for the lovely people around. Details are shared here!

Tutorial: instructables

How to Make an Adirondack Chair and Love Seat:

How to Make an Adirondack Chair and Love Seat

Give your outdoors a complete seating arrangement for the summer fun and relaxing with this handmade Adirondack chair and the love seat. The assembly of the wooden parts is done in the same way for the chair and the love chair. You can use salvaged or recycled wood for the project because with the coating of new stain these are going to look new and naturally textured.

Tutorial: familyhandyman

Mahogany and Cherry Wood Cutting Board Style Parquet Serving Tray:

Mahogany and Cherry Wood Cutting Board Style Parquet Serving Tray

Go fancy with your serving this gorgeous wood cutting board style parquet serving tray. The beauty of this serving tray lies in the multiple hues of the wood used to shape it up. The combination of the mahogany, cherry, and the white wood has come out to be so enchanting and cool. The metal handles go so damn well with this multi grained and textured wooden serving tray. Details here!s

Tutorial: thekimsixfix

Make a ‘natural Elbow’ Boomerang:

Make a natural Elbow Boomerang

Make your evenings at home full of fun with these natural and handmade wooden elbow boomerangs. They are so easy and cheap to make with some wood and easy crafty tools. You can not only make for the male members of your family but also for the ones in your social circle to use as the perfect gifts. Grab the tutorial here to try this project at home.s

Tutorial: instructables

Make a Pure & Simple Jewelry Box:

Make a Pure Simple Jewelry Box

Here is a jewelry box that would last long and will not fall apart no matter how many times it falls down on the floor from your dressing table. This gorgeous wooden jewelry box is easy to make and store your jewelry in the most exciting and ad enchanting way. Using the Recycled Wood you can cheaply make a bunch of these to use as the lovely and functional gifts.

Tutorial: popularwoodworking

Paracord Chair:

Paracord Chair

This paracord chair is ought to be a part of your home as it can really make your working on the laptops super easy and fun. This chair is so much easy to build with two rectangular structures intersecting with each other. The seat and the back are built with the paracord to save not only wood and your hard work but money too. Details here!J

Tutorial: instructables

Porcupine Woodworking Craft:

Porcupine Woodworking Craft

If your kids also show interest in the woodworking then develop their interest with some easy and fun crafts just like this porcupine woodworking craft. Just grab a long rectangular shaped piece and hammer multiple nails all over it. Add the googly eyes and your porcupine is ready to be shown off around. Check out easy details of this fun craft here!

Tutorial: howweelearn

Red Oak Pyramid Bow:

Red Oak Pyramid Bow

If you love practicing archery in the natural spaces around then here is the idea of creating your own red oak pyramid bow and have more fun with your passion. You can easily make it at home using the step by step details given right here. Also, these would make great gift ideas for the people around who love bow hunting too. Details here!

Tutorial: instructables

Scrap Plywood Candle Holders:

Scrap Plywood Candle Holders

You would be surprised to know that these gorgeous wooden candles are made out of the scrap plywood that is left out of your wooden projects. These gorgeous multiple wooden grains and textured candles are made out of the wooden circles or cookie cut-outs. They are going to light up your spaces and lit your décor for sure and also going to make great gift ideas too.

Tutorial: jenwoodhouse

Simple Serving Tray – A Coastal Home Decor DIY:

Simple Serving Tray – A Coastal Home Decor DIY

With the arrival of the summer, we start bringing the beach and coastal touches to our home décor and this time bring some of the coastal beauty to your kitchen too. Here is this gorgeous coastal themed serving tray to make your summer serving super gorgeous and stylish. You need wooden planks, blue paint, golden handles, and corner claps to work up this gorgeous beach themed serving tray.

Tutorial: foxhollowcottage

Square Wooden Stacker:

Square Wooden Stacker

Stackers are the part and parcel of baby fun and education as they are playful and used in a lot of learning techniques. Here is this handmade and gorgeous square wooden stacker that you can pass on to generations. The rainbow colors of the wooden squares make this wooden stacker super funky and cool for the kids. Details here!

Tutorial: weefolkart

Tiered Garden Shelf:

Tiered Garden Shelf

Bring some décor and appeal to your garden décor with this gorgeous handmade tiered garden shelf. Using the wooden strips and planks you can easily shape up this double-tiered garden shelf in choco and beachy blue colors. You can hold your garden tools and house your planter pots in this tiered garden shelf. Follow the tutorial right here!

Tutorial: thecwaftyblog.blogspot

Wooden Baby Gym:

Wooden Baby Gym

One of the best gifts for a baby would be this wooden baby gym. If you are good at craftsmanship then you must be building this wooden baby gym as the perfect gift for your own baby or the babies around. You just need four wooden planks, a wooden dowel, some paint, and cute toys to build this wooden baby gym. Follow the easy details here! (Wood Projects For Guys)

Tutorial: instructables

Wooden Fall Sign:

Wooden Fall Sign

If you have some wood getting wasted around you then pick it up as you can turn it into a gorgeous and rustic wooden fall sign for the home décor. Two wide wooden planks have been yoked together to form the basic board and then using the smaller pieces word fall has been created on this board. The beauty of the wooden fall sign lies in the fall leaf that is created at the place of letter A in the word FALL. Details here!

Tutorial: hertoolbelt


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